The Master’s Programme in Business Administration (MBA) is directed at private and public sector employees who wish to improve their skills within business management and development. MBA students gain an in-depth insight into business economics, management and organisational design, combined with relevant theories, tools and methods that allow students to successfully analyse and improve the performance of a particular company or organisation.

Room for family and career
The MBA is a two-year master’s programme on a part-time basis. It is possible to complete the programme over a period of up to six years, which gives students the opportunity to balance family commitments and career. The students may also stop after the first part of the programme, for which they will be awarded the title Certificate of Business Administration, and then complete the second part at a later stage, for which they will receive the full title Master of Business Administration.

This programme is taught in Danish. 

The first part of the MBA consists of five compulsory courses and a certificate-granting project. The second part consists of three electives and a Master's thesis. The optional part of the MBA allows students to tailor the course to existing and future job challenges.

Target group
The typical MBA student has completed a long or medium-cycle higher education programme and already holds or is about to take an executive position in an organisation. He/she therefore wishes to expand his/her knowledge and enhance his/her insight and professional qualifications for the purpose of analysing and improving the operational and development tasks within his/her organisation.


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