My top travel tips in Denmark

The summer break at Aarhus University is the perfect time to travel in Denmark and get to experience the beauty of your new country. My name is Carolin, and I went on a road trip through Denmark and will share my must-visit places and best travel tips for Denmark with you.

Written by Carolin Kolmer

Carolin in her campervan as she traveled around Denmark. Private photo.

Transport & Accomodation

I was very lucky to have access to a privately owned campervan, but don’t worry, you can of course travel around Denmark without one. If renting a campervan is outside of your student budget, you could rent a car with some friends and take tents or book budget-friendly accommodations and share the price. Travelling by bus or train can also be an easy and affordable option in Denmark.

What to pack

Just a quick reminder for you that even if you travel around Denmark in summer, be prepared for every weather. Always pack some warm clothes and most importantly a raincoat. A comfortable pair of sneakers that you can walk in for longer periods is also a must bring.

Where to travel

I can assure you that you will not be disappointed no matter where you choose to travel in Denmark. Here, I will share my 5 favourite must-visit destinations in Denmark with you to hopefully make your decision a little bit easier.

"I can assure you that you will not be disappointed no matter where you choose to travel in Denmark."


1. Skagen, Grenen & Råbjerg Mile

At the very northern tip of Denmark is "Grenen," a beautiful long sandbar where you can watch the North Sea meeting the Baltic Sea. The nearby town Skagen is also worth a visit for a walk along the shops and a delicious treat, maybe some ice cream? Around fifteen minutes by car from Skagen you find Råbjerg Mile, another must-visit destination. Råbjerg Mile is a gigantic sand dune with an area of 2 km² and the largest moving dune in Northern Europe.


2. Nationalpark Thy & Klitmøller

Denmark’s oldest national park is all about fully immersing yourself in nature. Nationalpark Thy is great for hiking, biking, and exploring large empty beaches. The conditions for camping and star gazing are especially great here. I’ve seen some of the best sunsets on the beaches here! The perfect place for surfing in Denmark, Cold Hawaii at Klitmøller, also lies within the national park.


The chalk cliffs at Møns Klint. Private photo.

3. Møns Klint

This might be the most spectacular scenery in all of Denmark. Møns Klint are massive chalk cliffs stretching along the east coast of the island Møn. Be prepared for a lot of walking and stairways, but the views are definitely worth the effort. You can explore the cliffs from both above and below as there are walks along the top and built-in stairways leading you to the bottom of the cliffs. Both views are equally spectacular and should not be missed.


4. Rubjerg Knude Fyr

This famous lighthouse on the edge of the North Sea and in the middle of a sand dune can be reached after a short walk. The surrounding landscape of Rubjerg Knude Fyr is truly breathtaking. You can also go inside the lighthouse and have a look from above but be aware of all the sand, especially if it’s a windy day. A great spot for stunning photos!


5. Rømø

Rømø is especially great if you travel by car or campervan because you can drive (carefully) on and along the beach and spend the day there. It is a lot of fun to drive along the sand and enjoy the beach while having all the amenities from your car. The island also offers great camping possibilities and beautiful late sunsets on the beach in summer.

Of course, there are even more beautiful places in Denmark, and I am sure you will have a difficult time deciding where to go first. Luckily, you will have some time to explore your new country while studying in Aarhus.