My career journey: Vladislava Garkova

Interview with Aarhus BSS graduate Vladislava Garkova.

Vladislava Garkova landed her first job soon after graduating. Actually, she landed the job quicker than she had expected herself. By gaining experience while studying, establishing a solid network, and being open to many opportunities, she made herself an attractive candidate to companies.

Now, Vladislava appreciates the high degree of independence and freedom she has, working in a Danish company.


Studies at Aarhus BSS and Denmark

Why did you come to Denmark to study?

In high school, I decided to study abroad. I started researching my options and came across Aarhus BSS by chance. I saw the Marketing and Management Communication programme and decided it was the right for me.


How did you experience your time at Aarhus BSS?

There were a lot of good and bad moments, for sure. The beginning was tough, as I did not land in a very welcoming group of students in my Bachelor’s programme. It took some time to settle in and find my group of people. And then, it made sense to stay and do my Master’s degree here. The pandemic definitely made it more difficult to socialize and meet new people, but since I already had an established circle, it went alright.


How did you prepare for your career during your studies?

I did an internship during my master’s programme and continued as a student assistant in the same company. It was a great way to gain experience, and I learned a lot there. Today, in my current job, I actually perform many of the same tasks and use the same expertise.


I am open to new opportunities when they arise. Now really is the time where I can try new things in my career.


Career and first job

How did you get your first job after graduating from Aarhus BSS?

I landed my first job after looking for 3-4 months. I learned about the opening through a friend. I then applied ‘the regular way’ and was offered the job. Most of the rejections I got before that was because of lack of work experience.

I did not have a dream job or certain job on my mind. It probably made it easier for me when looking for jobs since I was open to many opportunities.

I mentally prepared myself that it could take long to land a job. I saw the statistics for my field and heard from friends how long it took them to find their first jobs. My mindset was to use the time wisely; I wanted to gain competences, improve my CV, and make myself more attractive while I was searching for a job. From the beginning, I planned to take different courses, achieve some qualifications, and read some books of my own choice. But I was positively surprised that it did not take me long to find a job!


What skills from your study programme do you use in your current job?

I use many skills from my study programme. I am in an industry that is new to me, so research skills are very useful, and I do lots of research. I read many papers that are academic or close to academic where I have to extract the essence, so it is very useful to know the language and style.

Of course, I also use many of the hands-on marketing and communications skills that I learned during my studies.


What surprised you the most, working full-time in Denmark?

I feel very independent in my work here in Denmark. It has its pros and cons. Since I am new in the labor market, sometimes I could use a little more direction but it also gives me lots of freedom in my work.


Being an international in Denmark

What do you hope your future will bring?

I do not have a set plan that I try to follow. Instead, I am open to new opportunities when they arise. Now really is the time where I can try new things in my career – be it new locations and positions. I will simply go with the flow and see where it takes me.

Tips and advice to international graduates?

Networking really does work. What worked for me was having actual, genuine relationships. It is why people thought of me when they heard about job openings in their companies and felt comfortable with recommending me.