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Do you want to explore your future possibilities in Denmark?

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Future Talent Denmark

Do you want to explore your future possibilities in Denmark?

Are you Aarhus BSS’s next future talent?

If you are an international full-degree Master’s student at Aarhus BSS – studying in either Herning or Aarhus – you have the opportunity to enhance your chances of pursuing an exciting career during and after your studies in Denmark.

We will match you with a local company. Through a three-day internship with two other students, you will get insights into the company, its culture, and the competences of its employees. You will also meet company representatives and learn about the Danish business community  and job market.

Future Talent Denmark is a one-semester extracurricular programme as a collaboration between Aarhus BSS, the University of Southern Denmark and the organisation Work Live Stay.

NB! We are no longer accepting applications.

”The Danish university system is booming with talented international students who are potential great assets for the Danish labour market. I am sure that this programme can help them to get a good start on their working life and a future career in Danish companies." 

Dean at Aarhus BSS, Thomas Pallesen

What you can expect from participating in the programme

What you can expect from participating in the programme

Expand your local
professional network

Expand your professional network during a three-day internship in a local company and two career events at Aarhus BSS

Enhance your
case-solving skills

During the internship, you will identify a real-life issue that your matched company is facing. With your group, you will be responsible for analysing the issue and preparing a solution for the company. The best project will be awarded an International Talent Prize.

Gain career

Develop your job-hunting skills and get insights into the Danish business community through career events and workshops

Obtain a certificate
of achievement

Get a certificate that states your achievements during the programme and is a great addition to your CV


Timeline 2022


Linh Doan

MS student from Vietnam
Studying Information Management

“The FTD program has helped me understand how I fit in the working environment and what is the value that I could highlight in my CV. I had a chance to open my network and reflect on my communication skills. I think it’s really important as an international that we could be in an environment to make mistake, and then learn to adapt ourself to the Danish working culture. “

Jan Lewe Woldt

MSc student from Germany
Studying International Business

“Discussions on campus are always based on the big players in Denmark. However, SMEs are the backbone of the Danish economy and with the Future Talent Denmark program you have the extraordinary possibility to get insights into their structure and most importantly their network. Even though you might have other goals, this is a unique possibility to stand out.”

Bao Ngoc Khanh Nguyen

MSc student from Vietnam
Studying Marketing

"The three-day internship has been an exciting journey as I had the chance to meet professional researchers and completed a challenging task together with other students who surprisingly have different backgrounds to me. More than that, we had wonderful moments sharing stories about daily work culture, interesting projects and received advice for our next journey." 

Your profile

Requirements for participating in the programme

  • You are an international full-degree student enrolled at Aarhus BSS during the programme
  • You are pursuing a Master’s degree at Aarhus BSS
  • You are motivated to stay in Denmark and work after graduation

Please use the sign up form and send us your CV with a picture and a 2 minute video about yourself, your education, (language) skills, interests and your motivation for applying.

The application deadline is 15 December 2021 for the next Future Talent Denmark programme February 2022 - June 2022

If you have any further questions regarding the internship or company match please contact us:


Rainier H. Jazmin

Project manager
Future Talent Denmark

Mobile: +45 21703212
Email: rhj@au.dk

Aarhus BSS Communication and External Relations
Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University