Do a PhD in 
Political Science

The PhD Programme in Political Science is part of Aarhus BSS - the largest university unit within business and social sciences in Denmark. 250 PhD students are part of the programme, and each year approx. 60 new students are enrolled. Besides the programme in Political Science, there are 6 other field programmes to chose from.

About the Department of Political Science

The PhD programme in Political Science is located at Campus Aarhus and is hosted by one of the largest political science departments in Europe with 700 Bachelor students and 500 Master students. The department has around 100 faculty members and 50 PhD students. The department’s faculty members have a wide variety of contacts to other political science departments around the world, which are frequently used to connect PhD students with other scholars in their field of expertise.

“At our department, we provide a world-class education, which will position you strongly for a career in the international arena. We are very focused on making sure our students acquire strong methodological and analytical skills – regardless of whether their work focuses on small democracies in Africa or public sector performance management.”

Head of department Peter Munk Christiansen

Research areas

  • Comparative politics
  • International relations
  • Public administration and management
  • Public policy
  • Political sociology
  • Political theory
  • Methods    

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Head of PhD programme

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