Do a PhD in 
Political Science

The PhD Programme in Political Science is part of Aarhus BSS - the largest university unit within business and social sciences in Denmark. 250 PhD students are part of Aarhus BSS' PhD programmes, and each year approx. 60 new students are enrolled. Besides the programme in Political Science, there are 6 other field programmes to chose from.

About the Department of Political Science

The PhD programme in Political Science is located at Campus Aarhus and is hosted by one of the largest political science departments in Europe with around 100 faculty members and 50 PhD students. The department is an internationally highly recognized department with a wide variety of contacts to other political science departments around the world. 

Good research environment
The department offers a lively and ambitious research and teaching environment. PhD students from the department have several times won international prices for their dissertations. Recent examples include:

Kristina Bakkær Simonsen: Maria Ioannis Baganha Dissertation Award, IMISCOE, 2019
Roman Senninger:  EUSA Best Dissertation Award, 2019
Martin Bisgaard: APSA, section on political psychology, best dissertation award 2017

Do you have an extraordinary idea?
The originality and feasibility of the research proposal submitted with the application play a central role in the decision of which students to admit to the programme.  

Research areas

  • Comparative politics
  • International relations
  • Public administration and management
  • Public policy
  • Political sociology
  • Political theory
  • Political behaviour

The department welcomes any project within political science, regardless of whether it fits existing research within in the department.    

Why choose Aarhus?

"The opportunities here are phenomenal. You get the chance to go to conferences internationally, attend the best courses and spend a semester abroad – all financially supported by the department. That makes this a unique PhD programme.

At the department, we have many opportunities to get feedback on our PhD projects from the clever people here – both from the fellow PhD students and from the seniors. The social life here is so much fun too. There are frequent events in the PhD group where postdocs and professors join in. All in all the work life balance is great."

PhD student Danielle May, Australia

"The PhD students in Aarhus have close supervision from two supervisors who give constant feedback in a good and productive way. The level of research here is very high – both among the PhD students and among the seniors. All in all, the research environment here is very supportive of us PhD students."

PhD student Tobias Risse, Germany

"The biggest difference to other places is the amount of funding we get, for example to go to conferences overseas and to use for research tools. That makes it possible for us PhD student to interact with the best researchers in our fields or for example do a survey, which would not be possible at other universities.

Another thing I want to highlight is the great individual office space that we get here."

PhD student Lisa Hirsch, Austria

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