Research collaboration

Prepare your business for the future  

Prepare your business for the future  

Boosting private and public organisations

Companies that want to be successful in the 21st century need to strengthen their ability to pick up on trends before their competitors and to identify and develop new ways of creating value and handling complex partner networks. Collaborating with researchers can provide extremely important input for companies that want to develop their competitive advantages. 

Both private and public organisations benefit from collaborating with Aarhus BSS. We carry out a number of government-related tasks for municipalities and ministries such as evaluations and analyses for the benefit of society as a whole.

Academic areas

Aarhus BSS is a broad business school that unites the business and social science disciplines. We offer research collaborations with public and private companies within a number of areas such as business, economics, law, private and public management, psychology, politics, business development and technology.

Selected research collaboration projects: