Aarhus BSS is headed by the dean who has the overall responsibility for the academic and financial management of the school. The dean is also member of the university's senior management team together with the rector, the pro-rector, the university director and the deans from the remaining three faculties at the university.

The Executive Team at Aarhus BSS, consisting of the dean, two vice-deans and the faculty director, sets the direction for the school in accordance with its mission statement and holds the overall responsibility for the school’s budget and day-to-day operations.

The Faculty Management Team consists of the Executive Team and the six heads of department. The Management Team decides on the overall matters pertaining to the school, its departments and operations.

In order to further strengthen and emphasise the school's core business disciplines, a Core Business Committee has been created, consisting of the Department of Economics and Business Economics and the Department of Management. The committee is headed by the vice-dean for research and the two heads of department are members of the committee. The group is responsible for coordinating the activities of the business departments in a manner that further enhances the school’s core business programme portfolio at all programme levels. 

In addition, Aarhus BSS has an advisory board and an academic council which advise the Executive Team in matters concerning, among others, school’s strategic and academic initiatives. In addition, the Executive Team has appointed two associate deans who must contribute to strengthening the school's strategic focus areas.