Employer panels

The employer panels at Aarhus BSS are made up of representatives from public and private sector companies, organisations and institutions. The members of the individual panels must have experience in and insight into the educational area and the areas of employment to which the respective study programmes provide access.

The members of the employer panels are formally appointed by the dean at Aarhus BSS after joint nomination from the study and department management team.

The employer panels meet with the study director and department management team 1-2 times a year. The role of the employer panels is, among other things, to:

  • provide advice on the study programmes at Aarhus BSS, including their relevance and interaction with society in general, the candidates’ qualifications and admission requirements for the programmes.
  • contribute current knowledge about skills requirements of the labour market, thus providing advice about the development of the study programmes as well as their content and structural planning.
  • put forward proposals for new education initiatives with regard to both existing and future degree programmes.
  • develop the working relationship between the individual study programmes and the labour market.
  • take an overall view of internal and external assessments of the programmes. 

The employer panels at Aarhus BSS have been established in pursuance of Ministerial Order concerning Universities.