Strategic project managers

Aarhus BSS have identified two strategic focus areas that the school will work on from 2021 to 2024. On this basis, two projects have been launched:

  • Digital Competencies
  • Retention and Internationalisation

The executive team has appointed two strategic project managers to head the project activities across the school.

Camilla Kølsen Petersen

Postdoc, Department of Management
Strategic project manager for Digital Competencies
Autumn 2021 – autumn 2024

Digital Competencies focuses on developing the digital competencies among students as well as supplementing in-person teaching with digital solutions in a meaningful and productive way.

Charlotte Christiansen

Professor, Department of Economics and Business Economics
Strategic project manager for Retention and Internationalisation
Autumn 2021 – autumn 2024

Retention and Internationalisation focuses on ensuring that the vast majority of first-year students are retained across all Aarhus BSS degree programmes and that the majority of international students across these programmes find employment in Denmark after completing their studies.