Programme boards of studies

To ensure student influence on education and teaching, the Dean set up Programme Boards of Studies at each department. A Programme Board of Studies comprises equal numbers of representatives from faculty and students, selected by and from the faculty members and the students respectively. In cooperation with the Board of Studies, the Director of Studies undertakes the practical organisation of teaching and assessments forming part of the exams.

The Programme Board of Studies ensures the organisation, realisation and development of educational and teaching activities, including aims to:

  1. assure and develop the quality of education and teaching, and follow-up on evaluations of education and teaching;
  2. produce proposals for curricula and changes thereof;
  3. approve the organisation of teaching and assessments forming part of the exams;
  4. handle applications concerning credit and exemptions;
  5. make statements on all matters of importance to education and teaching within his/her area and discuss issues related to education and teaching as presented by the Rector or the person authorised by the Rector to do so.