Aarhus BSS Graduate School

Aarhus BSS Graduate School has one general set of rules and seven strong field programmes. Head of the Graduate School is the the Vice-Dean for Research and Talent Development at Aarhus BSS.

Field programmes The seven academic areas offered at Aarhus BSS Graduate School provide PhD students with research methods and a solid theoretical foundation, enabling graduates to apply research methodology and theory in practice. The seven field programmes are:

Within each programme the graduate school offers several different schemes: 3-year scheme, 4-year scheme and 5-year scheme. Please note that the field programme in Social Science and Business is offered as a 3-year scheme only. For detailed information about application announcements and deadlines please see the graduate school’s open calls.

PhD Committee

The head of Aarhus BSS Graduate School is Niels Mejlgaard, who is assisted by the PhD committee. The members of the PhD committee, who represent the academic staff and PhD students at Aarhus BSS Graduate School, are elected by and among these. The committee has 14 elected members – 7 tenured faculty and 7 PhD students representing the 7 degree programmes. The head of the graduate school participates in the committee meetings.