Conferred PhD degrees

Conferred PhD degrees 2023

Economics and Business Economics

Psychology and Behavioural Sciences

  • 03-01-2023 – Joachim Meier – Dissertation: At leve og lide med det vi bør - en kvalitativ udforskning af unges oplevelser af dårlig samvittighed
  • 03-01-2023 – Ayleen Verena Roderer – Dissertation: Prospection and Personal Goals
  • 07-03-2023 – Sophie Rosenkjær – Dissertation: Expectations in neuromodulation and pain: A case for placebo control
  • 12-04-2023 – Jonathan Led Larsen – Dissertation: En teoretisk-empirisk undersøgelse af en integrativ dobbeltdiagnose-forståelse
  • 01-05-2023 – Martin Vestergaard Kristiansen – Dissertation: Suffering from the Other A Phenomenology of Social Anxiety Disorder
  • 16-05-2023 – Ana Lucia Cardenas Egusquiza – Dissertation: The Stream of Consciousness across Wake and Sleep: An Integrative Examination
  • 31-05-2023 – Jonas Holm – Dissertation: Making or breaking collective leadership - An empirical investigation of boundary conditions for its effectiveness

Business Development and Technology

  • 03-02-2023 – Nidhi – Dissertation: Network Slicing and Carrier Aggregation Architectures to support Small Cells and Ultradense Deployments
  • 03-07-2023 – Jørn Bue Madsen – Dissertation: How the Tiger Got Its Stripes: Understanding the Role of Top Management Microprocesses in Hybrid Organizing
  • 07-07-2023 – Justina Karpavice – Dissertation: Digital innovation in product packaging: Smart interactive packaging towards enhanced consumer experience and product functionality



  • 06-01-2023 – Sine Rosvig Sørensen – Dissertation: EU Climate Change Litigation – Challenges for Private Party Standing
  • 13-02-2023 – Kacper Jan Zajac – Dissertation: The Meaning of a Fair Trial: A Comparative Study of the Jurisprudence of the American Federal Courts and the European Court of Human Rights

Social Science and Business