Conditions of employment and enrolment

PhD students in Denmark must complete an individually planned PhD course programme within the relevant research area and conduct a research project under the supervision of experienced senior researchers as described in Ministerial Order on the PhD Degree Programme at the Universities and Certain Higher Artistic Educational Institutions (the PhD Order).

PhD students at Aarhus BSS Graduate School are always enrolled.Most of them are also employed as PhD students at Aarhus BSS, while others are employed elsewhere or self-financed. For PhD students that are not employed an individual agreement will be drawn up. The agreement will contain information about individual conditions for this particular PhD student. PhD students enrolled as part A students at the 4- or 5-year scheme, are part time PhD students as well as part time master students.

For more detailed information about the PhD study at Aarhus BSS Graduate School please see rules and regulations.

The physical environment

PhD students at Aarhus BSS Graduate School have an office space with a computer, incl. internet access, email, phone etc., unless otherwise agreed in connection with non-employed PhD students.

Scientific work abroad

PhD students are expected, as part of the programme, to spend substantial time (3-6 months) at another – often foreign – research institution. The university covers most travel and accommodation expenses for PhD students who are employed.

Courses and conferences

The PhD students must obtain 30 ECTS from PhD courses and 
possibly attend international conferences / workshops. For university employed PhD students, as well as part A students with scholarships from Aarhus BSS Graduate School, expenses for this academic work are usually covered by the university.

Participation in teaching and other department activities

During the programme, the PhD students are expected to gain teaching experience within the subject area as well as experience with other forms of dissemination of research results. In addition, it is expected that PhD students participate in and contribute to the other activities of the department, e.g. instructional tasks, unless otherwise agreed in connection with non-employed PhD students.

Conditions of employment

Very favorable terms of employment are offered to PhD students employed at a Danish university. They are usually employed on a full-time basis for three years with all university fees financed by the university, and receive a monthly salary that covers all necessary accommodation and living costs and additionally enables an active life. The employment is covered by a national collective agreement (Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC), or on similar terms. The agreement contains additional information about holidays, specific pay terms, etc.