Funding for stays abroad

PhD students formally enrolled on a PhD study programme at the Aarhus BSS Graduate School can apply to their department for financial support for uninterrupted, long-term stays abroad. When applying for financial support, an invitation or other agreement with the host institution must be attached as well as a statement from the supervisor as to the relation between the stay and the PhD student's study plan.

Private grants

If an application has been made for private grants or the like for funding a stay abroad, the grants can be paid to Aarhus University. Please note that, in such cases, these grants will be administered according to the rules applied by the Danish state and Aarhus University as well as in accordance with any rules set out by the granting party.

If the grants are not paid to Aarhus University, but are administered privately, any questions as to the tax-related consequences are irrelevant to Aarhus University.

Eligible expenses

  • TRAVEL: The cheapest public means of transport is used
  • ACCOMMODATION: Financial support is granted for reasonable accommodation expenses following a concrete assessment
  • STAY: PhD students and postgraduate fellows are not covered by the state's rules on coverage of expenses in connection with official journeys etc. No hourly and daily subsistence allowances are therefore paid
  • INSURANCE: Expenses for health and home transport insurance are covered in accordance with the applicable state agreement
  • REMOVALS: An application can be made for coverage of reasonable removal expenses, i.e. books, necessary personal belongings etc. (not furniture or similar). A quotation should be requested from a forwarding agency

The application should be sent to your department.