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Assessment procedure

Applications will be assessed by an expert selection committee, and applicants will receive the committee’s assessment of, and response to, their application approximately 3 months after the application deadline.

DeadlineAssessmentDecision informed to applicantsEarliest start date*
18 February 2019February - April

Late April 2019

1 September 2019
17 September 2019September - NovemberLate November 20191 February 2019

*The start date depends on various factors, e.g. final enrolment requirements/details, getting a study- and residence permit (international students), etc.

The assessment of the application comprises an overall assessment of the applicant and his or her qualifications. Particular weight is attached to the project proposal, the grades obtained by the applicant in the study programme, and to whether the applicant, during the study programme or in another manner, has displayed special skills in writing major papers, e.g. a thesis.

Please note that for applications to the programme Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, the criteria for assessment are specified here.

The final decision on enrolment will be taken by the head of the Graduate School on the basis of the assessed quality of the project and applicant’s ability to successfully complete the PhD project on time.

Consideration of your application for enrolment in the PhD degree programme takes place pursuant to the Ministerial Order. Consideration of your application for a scholarship to the 3 year PhD degree programme takes place pursuant to the Appointment Order.

An application for the 4 year PhD degree programme will be considered pursuant to the regulations of The Danish Students’ Grants and Loans Scheme. The university’s decision is final, and complaints cannot be made to any other higher administrative authority.