Participation fees

Participation fees


The participation fee covers class participation and three examination attempts. The amount charged is not subject to VAT and does not cover teaching materials.

Participation fees are collected before the start of the semester, and the deadline for timely payment is stated on the invoice.  You should expect a short payment deadline (often only a few days), as available student places are established shortly before the commencement of studies.

The participation fee entitles you to take the course once, and only in the period of time for which you have been admitted. If you want to attend the same course again, you will have to submit a new application for admission and pay the participation fee once again. You will only have the right to participate in exams once we have received your participation fee.


Aarhus BSS 

Courses in law (only Master’s degree courses)    

DKK 900 per ECTS credit per single-subject course

Economics and Management

DKK 500 per ECTS credit per single-subject course

Political Science

DKK 500 per ECTS credit per single-subject course

Business Communication

DKK 500 per ECTS credit per single-subject course

Business Administration

DKK 500 per ECTS credit per single-subject course

Technology Based Business Development and Engineering

DKK 500 per ECTS credit per single-subject course  

PLEASE NOTE! The government grant for part-time degree programmes is fixed in the Finance Act for one year at a time. As such, Aarhus University reserves the right to adjust tuition fees if necessary.

As we do not receive taximeter funding from the state for non-EU/EEA residents without a permanent residence permit in Denmark, we have added a supplementary payment of approximately DKK 250 per ECTS credit to the tuition fees.

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Withdrawing from courses and tuition fee refunds

If you wish to withdraw from a course, you must do so by writing to BSS Studies via email:

Your tuition fee will be refunded (unless otherwise stated on your letter of admission) if we receive your written withdrawal by:

1      September (for courses in the autumn)

1      February (for courses in the spring)

Once the teaching has started, it is no longer possible to refund your tuition fees. It is not possible to make changes to the enrolment, e.g. from one course to another, after the tuition fee has been registered.