Admission requirements

To be admitted to courses under the available student place scheme, you must meet the admission requirements of the degree programme to which the course in question belongs. These admission requirements are described in the Bachelor’s and Master’s guides:

Any demands for a specific average grade do not apply to admissions under the available student place scheme.

Typically there are no available student places on the first semester of degree programmes with restricted admission. If there is restricted admission, this will be stated in the description of the degree programme.

Some courses have specific subject-related admission requirements in addition to the formal admission requirements. If you are admitted to a course with subject-specific requirements, it is your own responsibility to ensure you have the preconditions for being able to follow the course.


In some cases, it may be possible to gain admission by exemption if you do not meet the admission requirements but have achieved equivalent qualifications.

Exemptions can also be granted from demands related to specific levels of upper-secondary education if it is deemed that the single-subject course in question does not require the level in question. You apply for exemption when you apply to the course.