Courses on the available student place scheme

Mini-guide to the available student place scheme in the course catalogue

  • Degree programme: choose between Bachelor’s, Master’s or supplementary subject (supplementary subject can be either on Master’s or Bachelor’s level)
  • Course type: here you must select available student place scheme
  • Faculty: select Aarhus BSS.

Please note that not all of the university’s courses are offered under the available student place scheme. For example, it is not possible to follow single-subject courses from the Bachelor’s degree programme in law. From our degree programmes in psychology it is only possible to follow a few chosen courses. In addition, there may be degree programmes where it is not possible to attend courses on the first semester, but only on the subsequent semesters.

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You can book a guidance session with our study counsellors. The session can be held online or at a meeting in our offices. We provide guidance on choice of study programme, admission requirements, etc., taking your background as a starting point. Please state in your booking what you would like guidance on so that we can prepare best possibly.

Please contact Student Services if you have questions on practical matters, such as deadlines, prices, and the like.

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