Economics and Business Economics

About the programme:

During the first part, the PhD students are required to participate in an individually designed advanced course programme. In the second part of the programme the purpose is to develop the PhD students’ ability to conduct research on a specific topic under supervision. The study finishes with a PhD thesis that can be a monograph or a collection of research papers including a summary which explains the scientific outcome of the papers and their connections.

Research facilities:

The Department of Economics and Business Economics is host to numerous research centres, which offer excellent research facilities for our PhD students.

National and international cooperation:

The programme cooperates with other Danish PhD programmes in Economics and Finance through the network Danish Graduate Programme in Economics (DGPE). The main purpose of this network is to offer specialised field courses to PhD students; also the network organises annual workshops for the PhD students in the participating programmes.

The programme is also part of the Nordic Network in Economics (NNE) and the Nordic Finance Network (NFN). The purpose of these networks is to offer field courses in economics and finance across the Nordic countries.


Graduates of the PhD programme in Economics and Business Economics find employment in both public and private enterprises. Among others, recent graduates have obtained employment at University of London, Stockholm School of Economics, Nanjing University, University of Gothenburg, Copenhagen Business School, University of Copenhagen, University of Aarhus, McKinsey and Company, PricewaterhouseCoopers, London Economics, Barclays Capital, Bank of America Merill Lynch, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Bank of England, Central Bank of Denmark, Dong Energy, Vestas, ATP, Copenhagen Economics.

Geographic location:

PhD students enrolled in our programme are located at the Department of Economics and Business Economics at Campus Fuglesangs Allé 4, Aarhus.

Approx. number of PhD students: