Business Development and Technology

The programme

The PhD programme at BTECH offers the opportunity for highly motivated students to pursue research in business development and engineering. It requires intellectual skills that will carry the individual forward in productive research. A foundational belief of the programme is that business development is often best understood in the nexus between core business disciplines and technological innovations. For this reason, PhD students at BTECH can specialise in business development and engineering – or their intersection. BTECH primarily conducts applied research, which typically involves business partners.

The PhD programme at BTECH is integral to the research of BTECH’s faculty, and the PhD student will be part of ongoing research activities at the department. BTECH provides access to modern lab facilities within business development and engineering. The PhD student will be exposed to our broad domestic and international network of research collaborators in academia and businesses. 

You can read more about the department of Business Development and Technology here.  


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