PhD in Business Development and Technology

  • Your opportunity to specialise in business development and engineering 
    — or their intersection  

The PhD programme at the Department of Business Development and Technology (BTECH) offers the opportunity for highly motivated and academically talented students to pursue research in business development and engineering.

A foundational belief of the programme is that business development is often best understood in the nexus between core business disciplines and technological innovations. For this reason, PhD students at BTECH can specialise in business development and engineering – or their intersection. BTECH primarily conducts applied research, which typically involves business partners.  

Why do a PhD in Business Development and Technology?

The PhD programme at BTECH is integral to the research of BTECH’s faculty, and the PhD student will be part of ongoing research activities at the department. BTECH provides access to modern lab facilities within business development and engineering. The PhD student will be exposed to our broad domestic and international network of research collaborators in academia and businesses.   

A former and a current PhD student talk about the benefits of doing a PhD in Business Development and Technology in Herning These benefits include the link between technology and business development, the strong cooperation between the PhD students and the local research and business community as well as the sense of community at the department, which means that assistance and sparring are never far away.

The greatest thing about doing at PhD at this department is the tight-knit collaborative environment. We are very close, all the researchers as well as the lecturers, because we are closely located to each other, and we form part of a strong community.

[...] it is part of the department's DNA, and we have the necessary expertise right at hand.

Pernille Clausen
(former PhD student)

A substantial advantage of doing at PhD at BTECH is that you are close to your research group. This means that you are able to cooperate with experienced researchers within your particular area of interest.

The research at the department is carried out in close cooperation with companies - both at a local and a national level. We gather empirical data from the external environment, implying that we acquire an understanding of what is happening in the business community, in the industry.

Troels Christian Andersen
(former PhD student)

Head of programme

PhD secretary

HR supporter