The available student place scheme

Are you able to study during the daytime?
If so, the available student place scheme might be just right for you.

The available student place scheme is a good opportunity for you to upgrade and enhance your competences. You can choose between many of the courses offered at Aarhus University. This gives you access to the very latest research in the specific subjects of your interest.

By paying a tuition fee, you will be able to take classes with the full-time students during the daytime. You will also be able to take the exam.

The only conditions for being admitted are that you meet the admission requirements and that there is an available student place on the single-course subject that you wish to take.

Facts about the available student place scheme

  • Application deadline:
    1 November and 1 May.
  • Maximum number of ECTS credits that you are allowed to take on the available student place scheme:
    90 ECTS Bachelor's/60 ECTS Master's.
  • It is not possible to complete an entire degree programme on the available student place scheme.
  • Admission to the full-time programme is not guaranteed even though you have passed courses under the available student place scheme.

Book a guidance session

You can book a guidance session with our study counsellors. The session can be held online or at a meeting in our offices. We provide guidance on choice of study programme, admission requirements, etc., taking your background as a starting point. Please state in your booking what you would like guidance on so that we can prepare best possibly.

Please contact Student Services if you have questions on practical matters, such as deadlines, prices, and the like.

Book a guidance session

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