Data Protection

All personal data is confidential and will be treated in accordance the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data (persondataloven) and 'Bekendtgørelsen om sikkerhedsforanstaltninger til beskyttelse af personoplysninger'.

  • When the researchers collect personal information they must explicitly state to the participants the purpose of such an exercise and from a professional viewpoint why the data is needed.
  • Data collected for research activities can not be used later for other purposes unless written approval is sought from the Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet).
  • Collected information must not include more than is necessary when the purpose of the experiment is taken into consideration.
  • The reseachers must ensure that no misleading or incorrect information is treated or stored. If the researcher discovers incorrect information then he or she must make immediate ends to correct or delete such information.
  • Collected personal information must be deleted or made anonymous when there is no longer any need for it

Anonymous treatment of data

All data collected in COBE Lab is as far as possible anonymous or will be anonymised after the study is completed.

Deletion of payment information

When paid with gift voucher, cash or via bank transfer you are asked for your CPR-number. These documents are kept separately from the data collected in the study and are destroyed when the payment is finalised.