Payment for participation

All participants recruited through our recruitment system (Sona) are compensated for their time spent on participating in studies and experiments. We recommend to our researchers that they pay around 110 DKK per hour. The most common type of payment is bank transfer, but you can also be rewarded with cash, a gift voucher, lottery or another form of payment. The form of payment will always be stated clearly in the study description in Sona.

If participants are recruited outside our recruitment system, it is up to the researcher(s) to decide how participants are compensated.

In some studies you are paid depending on how you solve a task in the experiment. In these cases the amount can depend on yours and other participants' decisions. 

Show-up fee

You will always be paid a small compensation around 40-50 DKK when you show up but are sent home because of too few or too many participants. You can experience a cancellation of the experiment, if for example other participants do not show up and there are too few participants to complete the session. 

CPR-number and EasyAccount (NemKonto) are required

To receive your payment you need a danish CPR-number. If you are paid via bank transfer it is also required to have an Easy Account (NemKonto). The Easy Account must be activated when you participate in the experiment. If it isn't, any money that Aarhus University tries to transfer to you will be returned to them. 

Payment deadlines

It takes between 2-6 weeks from participating in an experiment until the payment is transferred to your bank account. This is due to administrative procedures at Aarhus University. Gift vouchers and cash will usually be received right after the experiment is completed. You can find payment dates to the right. If more than 6 weeks have passed, please contact us at State your name, Sona ID, CPR-number, and the date of the experiment in the email, and we will investigate the issue.  


Aarhus University automatically reports your income to SKAT, and it is therefore likely that you will pay taxes of your earnings from the experiments. The amount stated as payment in the study description is before taxes. All income is classified as B-income. 

New to Denmark 

Foreigners new to Denmark are recommended to first get a CPR-number, then open a Danish bank account and nominate that account as their Easy Account (NemKonto). After your Easy Account is validated, you can start participating in studies that pay via bank transfer. You can participate in studies paying with gift vouchers or cash as soon as you have a Danish CPR-number.