Introduction to Cognition and Behavior Lab


Cognition and Behavior Lab is a unit at Aarhus University where researchers can conduct experiments on human behavior, interaction and thinking. We contribute with the necessary infrastructure such as labs, equipment, and whatever other resources the researchers need. 

All researchers at AU can gain access to our resources, but it is most commonly researchers from economy, political science, psychology, linguistics, cognitive semiotics, and management that conduct experiments in COBE Lab. Their specific fields of research vary greatly. Examples include conflict resolution, consumer behaviour, time perception, group dynamics, and whether or not Virtual Reality is a useful tool to teach people how to repair windmills. 


The researchers who use COBE Lab want to explore the choices people make and how they think. Experiments in COBE Lab typically involves activities such as questionnaires, eye tracking, mathematical and logical tasks, and basic, interactive games. Some experiments require you to work on your own, and others ask you to collaborate with other participants to solve problems, make decisions, or even compete against each other for points in a computer game. 

As a research participant, you are completely free to choose which experiments you want to join. You can read descriptions of all the experiments you are able to participate in by creating a profile in our recruitment system (link down to the right). Anyone over the age of 18 years can become a research participant in COBE Lab – the more different the participants are, the better! It’s a plus if you have a Danish CPR-number and an EasyAccount (NemKonto), because these are a requirement in many experiments due to AU’s rules regarding payment. 


There are many advantages to becoming a research participant in COBE Lab. You are paid for your time – exactly how much will be stated in the description in our recruitment system, but you can generally expect about 110 DKK an hour. Participating in experiments is furthermore an interesting and unique activity, which allows you to experience state-of-the-art research and technology up close.   

As a research participant, you actively contribute to the research at Aarhus University by helping researchers answer questions about why people act and think the way they do. In short: the researchers need you!