How do I unsubscribe from news letters and/or study invitation emails?

As participant in COBE Lab, you may receive 3 kinds of news emails: 1) newsletters from COBE Lab (one time per month), 2) direct study invitations from researchers, and 3) a weekly email with a list of active studies in Sona. 

If you do not wish to receive study invitations or weekly announcements, you may unsubscribe to both in your profil settings in Sona. Click 'My Profile' -> 'Would you like to receive study invitation emails?'-> 'No' and 'Would you like to receive a weekly email announcement about available studies? -> 'No'. 

You only receive newsletters from COBE Lab if you said yes to this in the prescreen survey. If you wish to unsubscribe, you may follow the link in the bottom in the email of the latest newsletter. If you later wish to sign up again, simply email COBE Lab management directly at cobelab@au.dk

Why are there some studies I cannot see or sign up for?

You can only sign up for studies that you are eligible to participate in. Some studies are conditional, and select their participants based on gender, language, or participation in earlier experiments.

If you said 'no' to having a danish CPR-number you will only be eligible for few studies. If you received your CPR-number and would like to change the answers in the preliminary questionnaire, please contact cobelab@au.dk

How can I cancel my sign-up?

ALWAYS remember to cancel if you are not able to show up for an experiment you signed up for. You can easily cancel your sign-up at the participation website or in the app. If it is too late to cancel, you can send an email to the researchers of the study. Their contact information is found under the description of the study (where you signed up). In emergency cases you can also write to cobelab@au.dk 

Too many unexcused no-shows deactivates your account

If you do not cancel and do not show up for a session you will be marked as an unexcused no-show. If you get more than 1 unexcused no-show your account will be deactivated. Researchers spend a lot of resources and time planning the sessions and your absence can lead to a cancellation of the session. In case of illness please inform the researchers. If you cancel you will be marked as an excused no-show and have the possibility to participate in the study another time. 

How can I see which experiments I am paid for on my payslip?

When you receive your payslip you see a total amount of money for the experiments you have participated in. It is not possible for us to split up the amount on your payslip. It is therefore important that you continously keep track of your payments, and check if they correspond to the experiments you participated in. Note that the amount is after taxes.

If you are still in doubt if you have been paid the correct amount please contact cobelab@au.dk 

When can I expect my payment?

Usually it takes 2-6 weeks from participating in an experiment until the money is transferred to your account. This is due to administrative procedures at Aarhus University. Find a list of payment dates here

If more than 6 weeks have passed please contact cobelab@au.dk 

It has been more than 6 weeks, and I have not received my payment?

If you have not received your payment after 6 weeks from your participation, it might be due to the following: 

  • Typos or mistakes in CPR-number 
  • EasyAccount is not active
  • An error has occurred during the payment process at Aarhus University
  • Missing registration from the researchers

Please send us an email at cobelab@au.dk and we will help you solve the issue