2019.03.04 | Research news

Researcher spotlight #24: Fabio Trecca

The spotlight is on Fabio Trecca, the newest member of COBE's Human Subjects Committee

2019.02.21 | Research news, Administrative conditions

Aarhus University launches an Institutional Review Board

Researchers can now get formal ethics approval for their projects involving human research participants.

2019.01.18 | Research news

Researcher spotlight #23: Arezoo Shahrabi

The spotlight is on resident researcher, Arezoo Shahrabi

2018.12.18 | News from the management

Christmas spotlight – lab manager Dan Mønster

In this very special edition of the research spotlight, Dan Mønster answers tough questions about research and Christmas, and shares a message to all associated researchers.

2018.11.28 | Research news

Researcher spotlight #22 – Erik Stoltenberg Lahm

In this edition of the spotlight, Erik Stoltenberg Lahm tells us about his background and research

2018.11.20 | Administrative conditions

Ethics course available at a discount

The NIH ethics course, now titled Protecting Human Research Participants (PHRP), is online once more.

2018.11.13 | Administrative conditions

Temporary restriction on mass emails

For the moment, only lab management will be able to send mass email invitations to eligible participants in Sona

2018.11.12 | Administrative conditions

Revised procedure regarding legal approval

Under our new procedure, fewer studies will need to be approved by the legal department. If approval is required or recommended, researchers will be asked to communicate directly with AU's legal department.

2018.10.26 | Research news

Researcher spotlight #21 – Brandi S. Morris

In this edition of the spotlight, Brandi S. Morris tells us about her background and research

2018.10.19 | Research news

New member of the HSC

We welcome Fabio Trecca to the Human Subjects Committee

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