2020.08.09 | Research news

COBE Lab closed until 23 August

COBE Lab closes for research activities until 23 August because of corona outbreak

2020.06.19 | Research news

Researcher spotlight #29: Ethan Weed

A short talk with Ethan about his research and interests.

2020.05.28 | Research news

COBE Lab reopens 8 June 2020

As of Monday 8 June you will be able to book resources and recruit participants in COBE Lab. When the lab opens it will be with a range of guidelines that you have to follow.

2019.11.22 | Research news

Researcher Spotlight #28: Roberta Rocca

This edition of spotlight features a talk with Roberta Rocca, a PhD student at Cognitive Science.

2019.11.19 | Research news

New member of Human Subjects Committee

We are pleased to welcome Sonja Perkovic as the new member of our Human Subjects Committee.

2019.06.04 | Research news

Research spotlight #27: Kristian Tylén

Associate professor of Cognitive Science Kristian Tylén tells us about his background and current projects

2019.05.07 | Research news

Research spotlight #26: Christina Rejkjær Dideriksen

The spotlight is on Christina Rejkjær Dideriksen

2019.04.04 | Reseach policy, Research news, Administrative conditions

Research ethics committees – what and why?

With the addition of an official Research Ethics Committee (IRB) at Aarhus University, there are now several places to get ethics approval for projects. But which one do you need? All of them or none? Read our guide to get a quick overview of the available options.

2019.03.28 | Research news

Researcher spotlight #25: Byurakn Ishkhanyan

The spotlight is on Byurakn Ishkhanyan for the month of April

2019.03.04 | Research news

Researcher spotlight #24: Fabio Trecca

The spotlight is on Fabio Trecca, the newest member of COBE's Human Subjects Committee

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