Partnership with Aarhus BSS

A partnership with Aarhus BSS will provide your organisation with the best platform for recruiting highly qualified young people within the areas of economics, law, management, political science, psychology and business development.

Global markets, uncertain times and unknown challenges require international competencies and strong qualifications. A partnership with Aarhus BSS is a mutual collaboration to create the workforce of the future. Through ongoing dialogue and alignment of expectations, we will create a partnership model that matches all your needs and our own. The model may include collaboration on internships, graduate programmes and career events.

The purpose of a partnership

A partnership with Aarhus BSS is a mutual collaboration on the development and recruitment of highly educated young people. The objective of a partnership with Aarhus BSS is twofold:

  • To promote employment of Danish and international graduates from Aarhus BSS.
  • To help companies recruit Danish and international graduates from Aarhus BSS.

High international standard

Our degree programmes are among the absolute best according to the most recognised international rankings. This means we have high standards, and that we educate graduates with strong competencies that allow them to carry out a broad range of job functions on the Danish or international labour market.

Business degree programmes at Aarhus BSS have the following accreditations:

  • AMBA

The accreditations signify that Aarhus BSS has achieved a good balance between high academic quality and professional relevance through close collaboration with national and international business communities.

Interested in a partnership with us?

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Career partners at Aarhus BSS

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