Veyon researcher manual

Introduction and Features

Veyon allows a researcher to efficiently run computer-based experiments in Lab 1A and Lab 1B—our computer-based interaction labs. Veyon is a free and open source software for computer monitoring. With Veyon, researchers are able to monitor and control computer rooms as well as to interact with users, e.g. participants. 

The software incorporates a graphical user interface and is intuitive to use. Veyon is positioned as a desktop icon on the two-admin computers in Lab 1. An admin computer can control all client computers in Lab 1A and Lab 1B.

As of September 2018, the computer lab consists of: 

  • Two admin computers in a control room
  • 16 desktop clients in Lab 1A 
  • 16 desktop clients in Lab 1B 

The following functions are available in Veyon:

  • Power on, reboot or shut down computers remotely
  • Launch programs and open websites
  • Overview of the lab room with screen contents of computers being shown in thumbnails
  • Remote view or control computers
  • Broadcast the researcher's screen to all other computers in real time (full screen/window demo)
  • Lock computers to control attention
  • Send text messages to participants

Please find documentation and user manuals at