New flexible HD programme aims to meet business and industry needs for interdisciplinarity

Several companies find that their business model demands increased interdisciplinarity of both employees and managers. For this reason, a new Graduate Diploma in Business Administration programme ‘HD Business’ at Aarhus BSS prioritises flexibility and lets students design their own course of study.

Increased interdisciplinarity. This is currently one of the most significant trends within competency development. This is true for the private sector as well. Several companies find that their business model and organisation of work demand both employees and managers to demonstrate an increased ability to work across traditional disciplines. For this reason, the new Graduate Diploma in Business Administration part two programme HD Business – simply referred to as HD(B) – at Aarhus BSS prioritises flexibility in terms of disciplines and subject areas. To a large extent, this means students can design their own course of study.

16 electives let the students choose their own way

The new HD(B) programme is flexible because it contains few compulsory courses. The rest of the time, students can choose between a broad selection of 16 elective courses.

“For some years now, our HD students have wished for more flexibility in the combination of courses. Previously, we offered a number of in-depth specialisations within each their subject area. On the new HD(B) programme, we focus on flexibility and interdisciplinarity instead, offering a wide range of electives. At the same time, students can still tailor their profiles to fit specific disciplines by selecting courses that support this direction,” says Michael Christensen, who is the director of studies for the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD) programmes at Aarhus BSS.

This means that when the first HD(B) class begin their studies in September 2022, the students can either opt to work in-depth with or across subject areas such as management, sales, marketing, financing, customer service or organisation.

From HR consultant to head of procurement or investment advisor

One of the main reasons the HD(B) focuses on interdisciplinarity is to accommodate varying job situations and career paths. Depending on your combination of courses, the programme could prepare you for different jobs on management level, including those of an HR consultant, head of procurement, sales manager, key account manager, bank advisor, financial advisor, IT consultant, controller, chief analyst or chief administrative officer. You could also choose to continue your studies on the MBA programme.

This matches the target group of the HD well, who often have different ambitions and everyday routines. Typically, they are part-time students who work full-time in addition to their studies.

This is another area where flexibility is increased on HD(B). When the programme launches September 2022, all teaching sessions will be recorded on video. This makes it easy to keep up if you are occasionally prevented from attending in-person teaching, for instance because of your job.


Facts about the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration part two (HD 2. del) ·

  • The second part of the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD 2. del) is a diploma degree programme in business administration at Bachelor’s level. The programme is typically completed over two years on a part-time basis.
  • The new HD Business will launch in September 2022, the deadline for applications being 1 May 2022. This degree programme is offered both in Aarhus and Herning.
  • Aarhus BSS also offers a diploma degree programme on the same level (HD 2. del) in Accounting and Financial Management. Here, the student acquires an in-depth specialisation within a limited area of economics.