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International students share their experiences on studying at Aarhus BSS and living in Denmark.

The students will happily answer your questions, and you are welcome to contact them to learn more about their experiences and ask your own questions. As a prospective student, this is your chance to share thoughts about leaving your home country and settling in Denmark. Maybe you can even find a student from your home country to share your thoughts with?

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Martina, Master's Student in Economics

Hi! I´m Martina and I´m from Vienna, Austria.

I am currently enrolled in the Master for Economics at Aarhus BSS.

I choose this program for its adaptability. All courses are Electives, even though some criteria must be fulfilled to complete the Master, it is possible to customize your studies to your own interests. Yes, the magnitude of different Electives can be overwhelming at the beginning but in the end, it allows you to focus on topics you are actually passionate about.

Overall, Aarhus is a great city for young people. It´s small but lively, there are a lot of students, many of which are other internationals. The city already feels like home to me, I love that everybody bikes everywhere, the landscape is beautiful and meeting new people at the university is relatively easy.

Would I recommend students to study at Aarhus BSS?

Yes, 100%! The university can be challenging, the level in most courses is relatively high and lecturers expect a lot from their students. In my experience, however, there is always time to have some fun with new friends or to exploring the city as well as other parts of Denmark.

If you have any questions regarding my Master program, living in Aarhus, the application process (I also struggled with it), how moving from Austria to Denmark felt like or how I organized it, you are more than welcome to ask! :) I will be happy to help you!  


Lavinia, Bachelor's Student in Economics and Business Administration

My name is Lavinia,

I am from Maceió, Brazil. I’m currently enrolled in a Bachelor programme in Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus BSS.

The first time I came to Denmark was as an exchange student in high school. By then, I was already overwhelmed by the Danish culture and society. I knew this could be an ideal place to study.

Before enrolling to Aarhus BSS, I studied one-year higher education at the Brazilian university, UFCG. Although Aarhus is completely different from what I was used to, I do not regret my decision of coming to Denmark. Aarhus BSS offers high quality education, with the great structure and many opportunities to boost my career. In addition, I feel that my programme lives up to my expectations as I get an international perspective of the different aspects of business while constantly putting theory into practice. Not to mention, living in Aarhus is a plus. It has a huge international community that provides you with a great network and friendly environment. There are always nice places and events to spend your free time on.    

From my own experience, I must say it requires a lot of focus and hard-work. Especially, when you are far away from home it can be challenging, but I assure you, it is completely worth it.

My advice for you is: do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and embrace the challenges.

You will see how rewarding it can be.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help you!  


Marta, Bachelor's Student in Economics and Business Administration

Hello! My name is Marta and I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. I am in my third semester of the Bachelor programme Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University.

I went to live in Denmark one year ago and when I look back at this decision I wouldn’t change anything about it. I have always wanted to live abroad since I am very open-minded and friendly towards new people with different nationalities. I love travelling and exploring new cultures, but I didn’t have a picture in my head of where exactly I would want to go. I would say choosing Aarhus was a very spontaneous decision for me. Once I spent a couple of hours in Denmark, I fell in love with the country and the atmosphere. Then, I decided that this is the place where I want to spent my studies and thus I looked at the different options. Aarhus University seemed to be most appealing in terms of education, the number of internationals studying, the great campus and programs it offers. Before I came I was a bit worried, because I didn’t know what to expect from living alone for the first time abroad. Luckily, I would say that Aarhus is the friendliest and most international-oriented city I have been to. It is very vibrant, full of young people and almost everyone speaks English regardless of their age.

As a student from Aarhus BSS I could say that the programs are very well-structured, organized and after each semester you get useful life-skills that you will need in the future. One thing I noticed is that the lecturers are very welcoming and friendly towards international students and are always willing to help you if you are in need. Apart from the studies, what I like about the University is that it offers many different programs which one may want to join if they want to socialize more. It is always better when you know more people and get to experience more from having international friends from all over the world. Studying at Aarhus BSS is a great experience and I would strongly recommend studying here to anyone who would like to challenge themselves and get out of their comfort zone.

If you want to know more about the student life in Aarhus, you are very welcome to write to me :)

Vladislava, Master Student in Strategic Communication

Hi, everyone! My name is Vladislava and I'm currently in my 2nd semester of MSc in Strategic Communication at Aarhus BSS.

Choosing to pursue an education abroad was a very easy decision as I knew I wanted to explore new territories. The harder part was choosing what and where to study until I stumbled upon a description of my bachelor’s degree which I also did at BSS. 

Getting out of my comfort zone was exactly what Denmark provided, as it is so different from what I was used to in Bulgaria both in terms of lifestyle and education system. Honestly, it was quite overwhelming at the beginning, having to juggle so many new responsibilities in a completely unfamiliar environment. Now, more than four years down the road I have started to see the bigger picture and why going through everything was worth it. Self-organization and independence are now two of the qualities I can safely add to my resume and it is all due to being in Denmark. It is why I decided to stay for my master’s degree as well.

The BSS programme structure is very task-oriented and aims to prepare us for everything we might later need in our jobs – oral presentations in front of large groups of people, doing independent research, writing business proposals, proper arguing for your choices, all with a large foundation of academic knowledge. The two of the most valuable aspects, in my opinion, are the opportunities for group work and constant feedback from teachers. Even though it might be uncomfortable to do assignments with people you do not know, it is the best way to get to know your classmates, especially the Danes, and get your local network going. The constant communication with the lecturers and tutors, on the other hand, helps with keeping track of the progress and improving throughout the semester. It provides a sense of comfort and motivation during stressful periods.

Aarhus itself is lovely, cozy, and most importantly, full of young people. It is not too small to be boring, but not too big to be distracting. There is something for everyone – a park, a lake, a club, a museum, an activity, a forest, a sea – anything you might need to motivate you to succeed.

If you are considering applying to Aarhus University, I'd be delighted to help you!


Xintong, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration

Hi, my name is Xintong. I come from a small city in China.

I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus BSS. 

I was enrolled in a Chinese University before I came to Denmark. I was always thinking about studying abroad to experience different cultures and study environment. Coincidentally,  I was chosen as an exchange student who represented the University to study in Denmark for one semester. I felt that studying in Denmark enables me to combine theoretical knowledge with practice. Therefore, I decided to continue my study in Denmark and applied to the Bachelor program at Aarhus University

It turned out to be a judicious choice to study at Aarhus BSS. It is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world and provides high-quality educational resources to students. At the beginning, I found group projects challenging, as I was used to studying independently in my home country. Now, I get used to group projects and from my perspective, teamwork broadens my horizons and gives me plenty of inspiration. In addition, Aarhus University provides lots of opportunities to boost my career such as Company Dating, Career Center, and Case Competition

Moreover, it is amazing to live in Aarhus. I enjoy hanging out with several friends to get some drinks during summer and walking along the seaside. It is worth mentioning that the city is very peaceful and the citizens here are very friendly to foreigners. I will choose Aarhus University for a Master's degree as well!

You are welcome to reach out if you have any questions about the study program and life in Aarhus.

Qiwei, Master Student in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


My name is Qiwei, but my friends also call me Amy. I come from Jiangsu Province in China. I started my full Bachelor's degree in August 2015, majoring in Economics and Business Administration, and right now I’m enrolled in the Master's program in Logistics and Supply Chain management

I have already been here for more than 4 years. I can't say that I know everything about Aarhus BSS, but I can provide you much information as a "DIY applied Chinese student", because I applied to many universities by myself, instead of finding an education agency to do the applications, like many students in China.

I have been studying at Suzhou University in China for two years before I came here. I decided to study abroad to experience a different education system after the first university year. I applied to several universities around Europe and got many offers. Why I chose Aarhus University finally?

The answer is not complicated. Firstly, as we all know, Aarhus University is one of the top 100 universities in the world. I expected that it could provide me a great education and the fact is, yes it does. Secondly, I like peaceful life and Denmark is a peaceful and hygge country.

If you want to know how to apply for Aarhus university or if you are interested in Aarhus university, do not hesitate to contact me.

Czech Republic

Anna, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration

My name is Anna and I am a third semester bachelor student at Aarhus BSS in Economics and Business Administration.

I moved here from the Czech Republic two years ago as it was always my dream to study abroad. I chose Aarhus University and Aarhus in general for its attitude towards international students by being the best student city in Denmark, and by scoring high in the world University’s rankings.

So far, I have fallen in love with Aarhus, I am enjoying the student and dorm life, international events, and studies. The way we are taught is a lot different from what I have experienced back home at the gymnasium I was attending. Students are expected to study independently/with a study group and constantly apply gained knowledge in practice. I was struggling in the beginning to get used to it but with the time passing by it all got much easier.

After I finish this bachelor program, I would love to stay in Aarhus and eventually pursue a master’s degree. I wish everyone to experience the beauty of studying abroad, meeting new people, and adapting to new culture. I am looking forward to answering all your questions and helping with your study decisions.


Hans-Hendrik, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration

Hi there! My name is Hans-Hendrik. I’m an Estonian guy starting to undertake my sixth semester in Economics and Business Administration in Aarhus BSS.

I chose Aarhus as my landing place for my Bachelor's degree, as it was the “safest” option. Studies and everyday life can be settled in English, Denmark is a great Nordic country with friendly people, and education is free.

I had already learned all this from my older friends that studied in Denmark, thus my expectations were high. After two years I can confirm that it is all these great perks and even more, for example, Danes are excellent in organising meetings and parties.

On the negative side, there are fewer international students than I expected. Learning Danish as early as possible will pay off.

Denmark and Aarhus is also a great place to start for those aiming to start their professional career as early as possible. It’s common for companies to hire student from Aarhus University. This way, you can start climbing the career ladder already during your first semester, not after you graduate.

Finally, if you want to know more about Aarhus BSS and life in Denmark, feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to help you!  


Solveigh, Master Student in Business-To-Business Marketing and Purchasing

Hi guys!

My name is Solveigh and I am from Flensburg, Germany. I'm currently doing my Master's in Business Administration - Business-To-Business Marketing and Purchasing at Aarhus BSS.

I really wanted to study in Aarhus because I can identify with the Danish culture and feel very comfortable in Denmark. In addition, there is a very good education system, an international environment and lots of "hygge".

After 4 years of studying in Denmark, I can only recommend it to everyone. In particular, I would choose to study at the Aarhus BSS every time! You can expect not only a very good and practice-oriented education with supportive professors, but also a very international and at the same time very familiar environment, both in your studies and in your free time.

Aarhus is the perfect student city. Everything is within cycling distance and yet you never get bored. From quiet nature to the lively city centre and a variety of events. Everybody will find something to do here.

If you are still not convinced or have further questions about studying and living in Aarhus, feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you

Lennart, Master Student in Strategy, Organization and Leadership

Hey guys,

My name is Lennart and I’m from Osnabrück, Germany. I’m currently enrolled in the Master programme in Strategy, Organisation and Leadership (SOL) at the faculty Aarhus BSS at the Aarhus University.

Why I have chosen Denmark and especially Aarhus was because I wanted to improve my English and get in touch with people from many different countries. Furthermore, Aarhus BSS has a great reputation and the education system is very good throughout Denmark.

How have I experienced living in Denmark so far compared to Germany?

-          Very little bureaucratic

-          Very digitized (you can almost always pay by card and LTE is almost always available)

-          The Danes are very relaxed and nice people with whom you can have a lot of fun

-          The weather can sometimes be a challenge 

But why should you choose Aarhus BSS?

-          International and mostly practically oriented programs

-          The relaxed and hygge atmosphere in Aarhus

-          Tons of events for every kind of taste

-          Getting to know a new culture and language

-          Living and studying with people from all over the world

-          Everything is within walking or biking distance 

I hope I was able to give you a little impression of what it is like to live and study in Denmark or Aarhus and to put it briefly: I can 100% recommend living and studying here. You definitely won't be lonely here!

Do you have any questions or are you still unsure whether Aarhus is the right choice for you? Then just text me and I'm sure I can convince you! 

Yunis, Bachelor Student in Global Management and Manufacturing

Hey fellows,

My name is Yunis. I come from a small commune 20km outside Hamburg, Germany. I came straight out of high-school when I started my studies here at Aarhus University in Herning. My Bachelor's degree programme is called Global Management and Manufacturing (GMM). It is sort of an equivalent to a “Wirtschaftsingenieur”. 

How I came here? There is a small story to that:

Well, to be honest, the marketing department of AU did a very good job. I was at the “vocatium” fair in Hamburg. Representatives of Aarhus University also had their stand there, so I could learn a lot about the different possibilities and activities in Herning and Aarhus. I was very amazed and wanted to see how things are for myself.

The outlook on small classes, close relationships with your lecturers, as well as a modern and well-equipped campus made me move to Herning. Surely, a great percentage of the business schools promise you the same things, except for the fact that you pay for it with quite expensive tuition fees. Here it is completely free for me to study. It is a tremendous relief not to worry about tuition fees and starting your career with high debts.

What do I like the most about the GMM programme? 

- Well balanced curriculum

- Every semester: 2 months lecture + 2 months projects

- Learned competences immediately applicable in the industry 

- Very good prerequisite to acquire a student job

If you want to get in contact with me. I'll be happy to help!

Louisa, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration

Hey everyone!

My name is Louisa Juncker and I am from Hamburg, Northern Germany. I am studying Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus BSS in Herning. The university has a small campus in Herning where Business and Engineering Programs are offered. It is located approximately 80km west of Aarhus. The campus and city are very cozy. It is easy to get to know everyone due to the size.

My study program is very broad which enables me to pursue many different areas during my Master's degree later on, but we can specialise in a preferred field during the fifth semester. My favorite time of the year in Herning is the summer, when we can go to all the lakes nearby, lots of fun events take place and the city comes to life! As familiarity plays an important role at our campus, it is self-evident that we, the students, participate in activities together and enjoy spending time together.

I have always been amazed by multiculturalism. That is the case at Aarhus BSS! We are many international students, who all have a different background and story to tell. That makes everyday student life really interesting. 

Besides multiculturalism, Aarhus BSS offers high quality education with an international focus. Therefore, I can be sure that I'm well equipped for my future work life. Not only is education important at the university, but also extracurricular activities. Activities and clubs for all tastes are offered and make the study experience even more special.

All these aspects contributed to my decision to commit to the different path of leaving my home country and studying at Aarhus BSS.

Be brave and do the same!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Peer, Master Student in Business Intelligence

Hey guys,

My name is Peer, and I’m from Kiel, Germany. I’m currently enrolled in the Master's programme in Business Intelligence (BI) at the faculty Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University.

My decision to study in Denmark was primarily made on grounds of the high quality of education that is provided, the international environment in general Denmark and the possibility to expand my network further.

I can highly recommend choosing a different path than others and study in Denmark. Aarhus BSS offers a broad spectrum of communities and activities that are relevant to your studies or contributing to your life outside of the classrooms. It doesn’t get boring here!

Here are some keywords, why I would choose Aarhus BSS over and over again:

-          Top education

-          International oriented programs

-          The relaxed and cozy atmosphere in Aarhus

-          Tons of events for every kind of taste

-          Getting to know a new culture and language

-          Living and studying with nationalities from all over the world

-          Everything is within walking or biking distance

There is a reason why the citizens of Denmark are one of the happiest people in the world and you experience that from day one. Danish people are very welcoming, open-minded, outgoing and in the end, it just comes down to “hygge”.

If you are not convinced yet that studying at Aarhus BSS is the right choice for you or have any kind of questions, feel free to contact me.


Konrad, Master Student in Finance


I'm Konrad, first year student of a Master’s degree programme in Finance. I came to Denmark 3 years ago, and enrolled in a Bachelor's programme in Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University.

I chose Aarhus BSS, as it is an internationally competitive business school, and I found life much more easier in Aarhus than in Copenhagen as a student. Living costs are lower, and you are surrounded by mostly other students. Overall, what impressed me about the Danish higher education is its practicality and the usefulness of the knowledge we get. You also get a great degree of freedom, allowing you to manage your time and study in your own pace and style.

Of course, I had my worries before arriving here. Living in a foreign country and understanding the culture can be challenging. Fortunately, I found the environment here really accommodating – Aarhus is an international city with many foreigners, and it’s definitely possible finding a job without speaking the language. However, despite that, I would still suggest socializing with Danes and starting to learn Danish, as it is really beneficial on the long run.

Regarding my future, I chose MSc degree programme in Finance, as I would like to work in the banking/corporate sector, and would be happy to find a job in Denmark. As I wrote, most of the education is very practical, therefore we can feel prepared when we're leaving the university, and due to the international standards, we are also ready to work in other countries as well. 

If you have any questions about studying in Denmark, please feel free to reach out. I'll be happy to help you.

Dénes, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration


my name is Dénes and I come from Hungary. I'm starting my second year at Aarhus BSS this fall, studying BSc in Economics and Business Administration

Before I moved to Aarhus, I lived in a small city in Southern Denmark, studying Marketing Management. The curriculum at the academy introduced me to a wide variety of subjects in the field of business, which has further strengthened my determination to work in this industry. However, I was much eager to face bigger challenges and learn more to understand different business concepts and their applications in a more complex and academic way. Therefore, I decided to interrupt my studies there, and change to Aarhus University. 

I have always enjoyed a fast-paced, dynamic environment which is one of the main reasons I chose Aarhus as my study destination. Aarhus is a vibrant city with a character, yet small enough to feel safe. I’m extremely happy with my choice, both personally and professionally.

So far, this journey was filled with excitement and growth, and I can guarantee that you’ll never be bored at Aarhus BSS. There are plenty of ways to get help in your career, have fun with fellow students, socialize and learn something new every day. 

If you have any questions regarding my studies, my student job, or life in Denmark as an international student in general feel free to reach out.

Dániel, Master Student in Management Accounting and Control

Hey there,

my name is Dániel and I come from Hungary.

I have lived in Aarhus since August 2015 and finished my Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration in the summer of 2018. This year, I graduated from the Master’s programme in Management Accounting and Control.

My main reason for choosing Denmark as a study destination was the quality and the pragmatic approach of higher education. However, there are lots of other things that make your time here invaluable. Little did I know before coming here for example, how amazing it is to be part of a vibrant international community: making new connections almost every day, getting to know other cultures or discovering similarities in other nations’ languages (for me this has always been and probably will always be a very funny and joyful activity). Another example is that you also profit tremendously from just living on your own away from your home country. You just have to develop a sense of responsibility and independence (and you are also kind of forced to learn how to cook and do your laundry, provided that you don’t find a way to get around them).

Aarhus itself is a nice city for students: it is small enough to easily find your way around, but at the same time it has plenty of things to offer that you can keep yourself busy within your spare time.

If you have any questions regarding my BSc or MSc programmes, or just about anything related to living here, feel free to contact me. 


Allegra, Bachelor Student in Marketing and Management Communication


My name is Allegra, I come from Italy and I am currently studying for Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management Communication at Aarhus BSS.

 “So why Denmark?”……and to answer this question we need to go way back in time.

In 2015 I visited Copenhagen for the first time and I immediately fell in love with the city, the vibe, the colourful houses and the Danish lifestyle. From that moment, I started coming back to Denmark every summer during my holidays, and when it was about time to graduate from high school and choose where to study, the decision wasn’t too difficult to make.

Studying in a Danish university has many good aspects, first of all, it is completely free, so even if Denmark is quite expensive you don’t have the weight of the university fee on your shoulders.

Another thing that I really like is the balance between studying and practicing what you studied: in this way you can get theoretical knowledge, but also a more practical one, thorough projects and internships, that will help you when you start working in a company!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. And if you are around in Aarhus, I'm always up for a good cup of coffee, like a true Italian would.


Lina, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration

Hey, everyone!

My name is Lina and I'm from Latvia. Currently, I'm enrolled in a Bachelor’s program in Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus BSS.

I knew I would like to study abroad because I wanted to become more independent, network with people from other countries, and broaden opportunities for my future career.

I chose to study at Aarhus BSS since it met all the requirements I was looking for. Firstly, it is highly ranked amongst other universities around the world. Secondly, the offered study programs are not only theory-based but also practical - students learn through solving real-life cases, thus students get prepared to deal with problems they might face in their workplaces.

Moreover, professors are very open-minded and helpful, which I had not experienced when studying in my home country. Lastly, BSS is based in the beautiful city of Aarhus, which is cosy enough to get familiar within a couple of months, but busy enough that there is always something to do.

One of my worries, before I came to Denmark, was facing the language barrier. I thought I will never feel welcomed since I cannot speak Danish. Fortunately, there was no need to worry as there are many opportunities to take language courses and integrate into society. Besides, the Danes speak English very well, so day-to-day communication is not a problem.

Furthermore, I know how overwhelming it may be to move away from home but that is why I encourage you to join the Buddy Programme where the Buddies (older course students) will help you feel welcomed in Aarhus and the University.

Finally, if you want to know more about Aarhus BSS and life in Denmark, feel free to contact me. I'll be more than happy to help you!


Modestas, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration

Hey, everyone!

My name is Modestas. I'm a Bachelor's student from Lithuania and since 2017 I have been studying Economics and Business Administration programme at the Aarhus BSS.

Regarding my studies at Aarhus University, I must say that I have not a shred of regret of being enrolled in this programme. I like what I'm studying, I enjoy every moment of being here because the atmosphere in this university is exactly what every student might want to feel during his student life. Being a part of the international community is one of the most fundamental advantages that attract the most and makes all the environment colorful. All students are different; all of them represent their own countries, their culture, traditions, habits, even their language. To be more specific about the time students spend at university, I can say that subjects are interesting, lecturers are highly qualified, always ready to help or just to have friendly conversations. The schedule is not very strict, so students have time to go to Danish courses which are relevant if you are planning to stay here for a longer time.

To be honest, I'm not very excited about cities with no or just only a few skyscrapers or fancy buildings, but Aarhus has something that makes me feel safe and cozy. Aarhus could be definitely called a „student town“ because of many entertaining places, plenty of bars and clubs. Locals are very kind and helpful people. Tolerance is highly developed that is why all internationals are treated with respect.

To sum up, if you are thinking about studying abroad, I strongly recommend choosing Denmark, Aarhus University and apply for whatever programme you want. You'll not regret it.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact me. 


Tiffany, Master Student in Commercial and Retail Management


My name is Tiffany and I am from Mexico. I am on my first semester of the Master’s degree in Commercial and Retail Management at the faculty of Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University.

Do you believe in love at first sight? I do, now. I always knew I would study a Master’s degree abroad. Needless to say, I did a thorough research of universities offering a master’s program in the Retail Industry within Scandinavia. Aarhus University offered the perfect master’s program and the city of Aarhus was the ideal size for an international student.

Moving to Denmark was a very smooth transition. Yes, there was a lot of paperwork involved, but everything was well-explained, organized and easy to follow. There are also a lot of organizations, sports clubs and volunteering programs that will make you feel welcomed from day one.

The biggest difference with Mexican and Danish education is the amount of self-studying involved. You will be free to decide if you want to go to the lectures or not. However, you are also expected to use your free time to study and prepare for each lesson. The most important part is to have a study schedule and be disciplined about it. 

Aarhus University is a great educational institution to study as an international student. The University is very communicative, resourceful and helpful throughout the application process and all the way from arriving to Denmark until graduation. The University is also actively helping students find student jobs, preparing for the labor market as well as networking.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to answer all your doubts!


Daria, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration


My name is Daria, I come from Moldova. Currently, I'm studying for BSc in Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus University in Herning. My decision to pursue a degree programme at Aarhus BSS was stirred by my longstanding interest in the world of business and economics. The structure of this study programme offered by Aarhus University is focused on developing theoretical and practical skills in a wide range of areas, which I find critical as a future graduate.

Another reason that motivated me to study at Aarhus BSS is the Danish education system, which is known for being one of the best in the world. In this context, as an international, at first, it was challenging for me to adapt to the learning methods at Aarhus BSS that require different approaches and skills compared to the education in my home country. However, the openness of professors at the university and my fellow students' willingness to help made me feel both comfortable in this new environment and confident of achieving academic performance.

In addition, after finishing this Bachelor's programme students can choose from a wide range of Master's degree programmes in Economics and Business Administration offered by Aarhus BSS with different specializations and be directly admitted. Also, credits recognition allows graduates to continue further education in other universities in Denmark or abroad.

I believe that the high quality of education, the career opportunities that follow graduation and the international environment make the experience of studying at Aarhus BSS fulfilling and life-changing.

If you are interested in finding out more about this study programme and how it is structured in Herning, life in Aarhus or moving to Denmark as a student, I will be happy to discuss with you any of these and other aspects.


Patrycja, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration

Hi! My name is Patrycja and I come from Poland. Currently, I’m finishing my 6th semester in Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus BSS. Once I graduate with a Bachelor's degree, I plan to continue my studies here and pursue a Master's degree in Business Intelligence.

Why? Because Aarhus University is the best university! I arrived in Aarhus 4 years ago and still consider it to be the best decision in my life.

I’ve always wanted to study abroad, so the only challenge was to decide, where to go. When I discovered Aarhus University’s offer, I knew it is the university for me. First of all, it is one of the top 100 universities in the world, which is making me very proud that my diploma will be globally recognised. Also, you can be sure that Aarhus BSS offers high-quality education as it holds triple accreditation and lecturers are active researchers.

Lastly, in Aarhus, you can feel at home from day one. Not only almost everyone speaks English, but also people are helpful and kind. Consequently, even if you get lost or confused, you can easily find someone who will help you to find your classroom (the campus is pretty big and it is easy to get lost) or who will advise you which bus to take. Aarhus is a young and vibrant city with many students, which is great for your social life, but also it means that it could be difficult to find accommodation if you leave for the last moment.

If you have any questions about studying at Aarhus University or living in Denmark, reach out. I'll be happy to help you!

Michał, Master Student in International Economic Consulting

Hey! My name is Michał and I just finished my 6th semester and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus BSS. I am going to be a Master's student in International Economic Consulting starting in September 2020. Because I like studying here so much!

What I like the most, and not only in the case of Aarhus BSS, but the whole city, is how "student-packed" it is. It's great how many young, dynamic people live here and can be spotted every day in every corner of the city. I like also the overall get-togetherness, whether it's about hanging out after classes, at events like Kapsejladsen, or primarily, to study, do homework, or various type of projects. It can be seen especially when it's sunny - suddenly the whole city is full of groups of people which is wonderfully energizing!

It's also great how you can approach your lecturer with any question, and he or she will always help you. And, unlike in many other countries, you don't have to call them per 'Mister Professor'! Overall, I think it's a great city to live in and a great place to study!

If you have any questions regarding Bachelor's or Master's studies at Aarhus BSS, or living and working in Denmark, don't hesitate to ask me. I'll be happy to help!

Michał, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration

Hey! My name is Michał and I’m from Warsaw, Poland. I am in the 3rd year of the Bachelor's programme in Economics and Business Administration at the campus in Herning.

Although I study in Herning, I also know Aarhus quite well. I’ve decided to study in Denmark because I've heard a lot about Danish culture, “hygge” and a high quality of education. I'm studying in Herning which is smaller than Aarhus but it comes with few advantages. One of them definitely is the size of the classes and the contact we have with the professors. Although Herning is small, there is still a lot happening here - starting from Friday Bar at the Uni ending on International Society that organises many events for Expats in Herning.

I would definitely recommend studying in Denmark to anyone - it’s one of the best decisions of my life. The beginning was hard - a lot of documents, finding an apartment, taking care of your household and studying in another language. I overcame all those problems with the help of older, more experienced students and that is why I would like to help others as well.

So if you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact me.


Radu, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration


I’m Radu and I come from Iasi, Romania. I came to Denmark in 2018 and got an AP degree in Marketing at Business Academy Aarhus. Right now, I'm enrolled in Economics and Business Administration Top-Up programme at Aarhus BSS. Denmark offers wide rang of opportunities for international students. If you are hard-working and focused, you can achieve quite a lot in this country. I have chosen to come here because the education is free of charge, and you can fully support yourself by working part-time. Adding the fact that Aarhus University is in the top 100 universities globally, it is a deal too sweet to pass. There is also the possibility to get a job as a Student Assistant. Then you have a chance to improve your skills in, for example, managing social media or organizing events, thus getting meaningful job experience. There are also case competitions and volunteering opportunities (like AIESEC, and SL) where you can gain valuable experience.

The education structure is very real-life oriented. The goal is to apply theoretical knowledge in real-life situations. The teachers are helpful and eager to answer all your questions. If you are good enough, you can get a job as a Teaching Assistant and help professors to teach other students.

Student life can be great and there are many interesting events for international students. Overall, if you are willing to pursue a truly independent life and work for it, Denmark and Aarhus University are a top-tier path.

If you have any questions, contact me via email.

Maria, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration

Hi! My name is Maria-Doliana and I am an international student at Aarhus BSS. I am originally from Romania and currently enrolled in the 2nd year of the Bachelor programme in Economics and Business Administration.

I have been living and studying in Aarhus since the end of 2018 and it is fair to say that, so far, my expectations have been met. The main reason for which I chose to study at Aarhus BSS is because, after some research, I decided that the programme I am currently enrolled in was the best fit for me. Additionally, other advantages for studying here are education being free for students coming from EU/EEA countries, as well as living amongst the extremely opened-minded Danes.

Academically, studying at Aarhus BSS has provided me with quality teaching from one of the top universities in Europe, provided by professors and teachers that are open to continuously improve their teaching methods in order to provide the best experience for students. Socially, being part of the international environment at Aarhus BSS is not only extremely fun, but also a growth opportunity, as you are exposed to many different cultures and ideologies.

The experience of a new international student in Aarhus is, however, not worry-free. Personally, a struggle I have dealt with was finding accommodation just before moving to Denmark. The way I managed to overcome this was through networking within online student and Aarhus locals communities. In order to avoid this difficulty, I encourage every future Aarhus BSS student to try to do the same.

All in all, I believe that life as a student at Aarhus BSS provides people with the best tools for a successful career, as well as an enjoyable life in Denmark.

For any questions fell free to contact me! 


Nikita, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration

Hey guys!

My name is Nikita and I’m Russian. Currently, I'm in my 1st semester of the Bachelor's programme in Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus BSS. I hope I will provide you with some valuable information about studying and living in Denmark.

I had already lived in Denmark for 2 years before enrolling in Aarhus BSS and chose it not only because it provides a great education giving you a range of opportunities to start your future career, but also because it is located in such a lovely city as Aarhus.

I considered studying at Copenhagen Business School because, but I still chose Aarhus BSS, because to my mind Aarhus is less of a stressful place like Copenhagen, but charming and cozy. I was tired of living in such a megapolis as Moscow with a 15 million population, and Aarhus was my best choice.

Yet the social life is rich here since the city is full of young students making almost 1/5 of its population. You will see it from your very first days at Aarhus BSS when the parties will start where you will meet Danes who are warm and friendly people.

Also, the intensity of the curriculum is such that I have enough free time to have a part-time job and to study on my own without being pressured by the deadlines and the amount of homework. Some tips before coming here are that studying here is not free for the students outside the EU, so if it is a case for you – use some time researching the grants provided by the Danish government or plan your budget for the time of your studies. The living will seem quite expensive at first, but as soon as you get a student job, you will have the pocket money that will help you out because the salaries are also high in Denmark. Lastly, don't be afraid of the language barrier! Luckily for us, Danes very good at speaking English as a second language.

Finally, if you want to know more about Aarhus BSS and life in Denmark, feel free to contact me. I'll be more than happy to help you!


Robert, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration


I'm Robert, and I'm coming from the small village of Orlov in Eastern Slovakia. Among my top interests belong politics, capital markets, hockey, and fitness. I study at Aarhus BSS, currently finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration.

I have come to Denmark and in particular to Aarhus University to acquire high-quality education and diploma, which is useful all around the world. What I consider as most advantageous in studying in Denmark is the exposure to the latest trends in technology and business. Living in Denmark has its challenges but overall, its positives significantly outweigh the negatives.

Throughout my journey, I believe I have dealt with all sorts of issues. But do not worry, there is nothing that could not be solved by that freshman eagerness and a few phone calls.

If you have any doubts about practically anything about living and studying in Denmark, just drop me a message I'll be more than happy to help you out.

Viktoria, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration


I'm Viktoria and I come from Slovakia. I'm an international student here at Aarhus BSS, one of the five faculties at Aarhus University. Currently, I'm doing my Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration. I have always dreamt about studying abroad, yet not so far away from my home country, and Aarhus BSS proved to be the best choice for me. I found a programme that fits both my personal and professional interests and is located in the beautiful city of Aarhus.

Here, you can find everything from calm beaches, hygge study spots, or busy nightlife. The Aarhus University continuously ranks among the top 100 universities in the world, providing us with a great career edge. The Danish education system is famous for its problem-based learning and informal environment, which can be very useful for the future.

There are many great aspects of living and studying in Aarhus, but the most important one, in my opinion, is the internationality of both the university and the city. Most of the Danes speak very good English so you can never be lost.

There are many people from various parts of the world, sharing a similar journey, which is very comforting because starting a new life hundreds of kilometers away from home can be a stressful experience. I know the struggles of moving to a foreign country, so if you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate and feel free to write to me. I would love to get to know you.   

Miriam, Master Student in Political Science


I am Miriam, originally from Slovakia. I did my Bachelor’s at the University of Vienna and I'm very happy to be doing my Master’s in Political Science at the Aarhus BSS faculty of Aarhus University. I have always dreamed of living in Scandinavia and choosing Aarhus has proven to be the right decision.  

Studying at AU has turned out to be so much more than I thought it would, both personally and professionally. It ranks among the world’s top universities and offers a high quality education in an informal setting for which the Danish teaching system is known. The Department of Political Science offers a wide range of courses to choose from - no matter where your interests lie, chances are, you can find a course for you. Not to mention the campus - beautiful in every season.   

Aarhus, though not exactly a big city, has its charm - there is always something going on, so you will not be bored, if you do not want to be. And yes, quite a few days are rainy and windy, but Danes have mastered the art of ‘hygge’ - there is always a cozy café just around the corner that can brighten up your day no matter what the weather. 

I know that starting a new life in a foreign country can be stressful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I’d love to help.


Defne, Master Student in Political Science


My name is Defne. I’m from Turkey. I did my Bachelor’s in International Relations at Akdeniz University in Antalya. Right now, I’m studying for a Master’s degree in Political Science at Aarhus BSS.

I've chosen Denmark and Aarhus University for several reasons.

First of all, the answer to "Why Denmark" is, I wanted to live in one of the most developed countries in the whole world which are Nordic Countries. I've just wanted to find out the answer to the question of "why Nordic Countries are the most developed countries?" by my observations.

I love using bikes as a transportation method, I love social trust among citizens. When I am on the street or the supermarket, I feel safe because I know that if I need anything people will help me. That's how Danes are!

The answer to the second question -Why Aarhus University- is, the main reason was ranking for me. Studying at one of the top 100 Universities was just a dream for me. Moreover, the content of the courses is extremely innovative. Contents are being adjusted according to the technological developments and recent research. Therefore, you're learning practical information you might need in your professional life.

I also admire the conducting method of the courses. Forget about all the unnecessary informal techniques. The classes are not lecturer-based. The mood is more like discussion panels. The other important point is the great self-study system! You should be able to manage your time which is extremely important for working life. If you can do it properly, that means you will have lots of spare time. Moreover, when I saw the pictures of the campus for the first time, butterflies started to fly in my stomach. After I come here, I realised how much I was right. You can just sit beside the beautiful lake during your breaks and feed the ducks.

If you have any questions regarding the University, my MSc programme, or living in Aarhus, feel free to contact me.


Andreína, Master Student in Technology Based Business Development


My name is Andreína and I come from nice and warm Venezuela.

The first time I came to Denmark was in the summer of 2010, as an AFS exchange student. During that year I fell in love with Danish culture and their delicious food.

Later in 2014, I got the fantastic opportunity of studying for a Bachelor of Engineering in Global Management and Manufacturing at Aarhus BSS in Herning. I was beyond excited to come back to Denmark!

Studying GMM was the best decision I’ve ever made, as I had the chance to learn a wide variety of topics, from how to manufacture anything you can imagine to managing teams across cultures. What made the experience even more special was the problem-based teaching and practical approach of the program.

During those 3,5 years, I saw LEGO bricks are manufactured in Denmark, experienced part of the assembly process of an Airbus A380 in Hamburg, visited a Volkswagen factory in Germany and even got to write a project in China! So, the “Global” part is real business.

After finishing GMM, I was still hungry for knowledge, so in 2018 I got enrolled in (MSc. Eng.) Technology-based Business Development. This time, I wanted to have a more holistic view of technology and learn how to use it to develop a business.

This Master’s program has allowed me to develop even further those skills I learned during my GMM years. So, it has been a perfect match!

If I had to decide whether to come to Denmark or not, I would say YES again! Getting to make friends from all over the world and studying in a multicultural atmosphere is priceless.

Feel free to write any question. I’ll be more than happy to help.


Nguyen, Master Student in International Business Development

Hey! My name is Nguyen and I come from Vietnam.

I have never thought that I would study in Denmark but attending Aarhus University's educational event in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in September 2018 has changed my mind. I luckily obtained the Danish Government full-ride scholarship to study for a Master's degree in International Business Development in AU.

Studying in AU (Herning Campus) for over one year has offered me multiple amazing experiences. The learning environment here is dynamic with modern facilities and knowledgeable lecturers. Moreover, I'm impressed with the learning methods in which students engage in more group works, self-learning, and assignments. More interestingly, I had oral examinations which I have rarely done in my home country. This has improved my presentation skills and the way I disseminate information to other people. Furthermore, lecturers are very helpful and enthusiastic to answer any questions from students.

Well, one of the best things I have experienced is learning about Danish cultures, traditions and people. Most Danes are nice, kind and a bit reserved. Besides that, I also like Danish architecture which is simple but elegant.

Studying in AU also allowed me to take an exchange semester in Melbourne, Australia. It was fun and incredible experience where I met many international students around the world, enriching my academic knowledge and skills as well. I also visited many cities around Australia and took an amazing trip to New Zealand. 

Honestly, I would have to say that studying in AU and Denmark has opened many doors to me. I know where I will go next in my career pathway and what I have gained in AU will well equip me with full of sufficient knowledge, skills and experiences. If you have an idea to study in Denmark, please don't hesitate to choose AU and you will discover various new things and great experiences daily.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Son Anh, Master Student in Economics and Business Administration

Xin chào!

My name is Son Anh and I'm from Thua Thien-Hue, the citadel of Viet Nam. I'm pursuing the Master program in Economics and Business Administration with the specification associated with Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University.

There are several reasons why I choose to study in Denmark. Firstly, there is educational system a very high qualification provided by the government in Denmark, not only in academic environment, but also in practical issues.

Secondly, it is a great intercultural experience to live here, program is designed with an international oriented strategy, you can meet a lot of internationals as well as native people. Danish people are very friendly, open-minded, one of the most impressed element in this culture is their traditional life style-“hygge”. The third reason is the society in Denmark, it is well-planned and very secured. And finally, the scenery is totally picturesque, the combination between artificial and natural characteristic make the landscape here so mesmerizing and you can even go sightseeing when you just lay your foot out for outdoorsy activities.

So, why you should choose Aarhus BSS? Others may think that the consideration whether a university is worth to be the next stop on the academic path is about ranking, about the opportunities from collaborations between the university and large MNEs, and so forth. In my point of view, those things are certainly on the table, but they only belong in a small aspect of how to choose a university to spend 2 to 3 years or even more (perhaps) for studying, you should pay attentions on implicit values such as networking and security of the living environment and a great cross-cultural experience or like I mentioned above: hygge.

Finally, I want to say this: It is always a right choice if you opt Aarhus BSS.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.