Public sector consultancy

Free and independent public sector consultancy from Aarhus BSS enables research-based decision-making processes for the authorities.

Increasing levels of complexity in society combined with very considerable data volumes call for more research-based decision-making processes. At Aarhus BSS, we want to contribute to meeting this need. We stress the importance of close dialogue between authorities and researchers, and we strongly believe that public sector consultancy services must be free and independent so that the results can be published and benefit society at large.

Benefits of public sector consultancy

The complexity of the knowledge society in an ever-changing globalised world places considerable demands on decision-makers as well as on the evidence informing their decisions. However, close collaboration and dialogue between authorities and researchers is needed. The researchers need research projects and data. In return, they can present authoritative and professional background information based on methodologically sound research.

However, it should be emphasised that there are many forms of public sector consultancy. For example, researchers may serve on commissions, committees etc.

Aarhus BSS has a long-standing tradition of offering public sector consultancy. Consultancy is, for example, provided by the following three centres:

Public sector consultancy centres at Aarhus BSS

Contact the centre directors

Danish Centre for Research and Research Policy
Carter Walter Bloch
+45 8716 5901 / +45 2029 0035

National Centre for Registerbased Research
Preben Bo Mortensen  
+45 8716 5359  

Center for Alchohol and Drug Research
Torsten Kolind
+45 8716 5767