2017.11.28 | Research news

Researcher Spotlight #15 - Jessica Barker

This edition of our Spotlight features a talk with associated researcher Jessica Barker.

2017.11.20 | Research news

New equipment: Virtual Reality Labs

We're excited to announce that we're expanding COBE Lab with two Virtual Reality rooms. The decision is made on the basis of our researchers equipment suggestions and will include HTC Vive headset, audio strap, high-performance computers and eyetracking add-on.

2017.09.19 | Research news

Researcher Spotlight #14 - Joshua Brain

Joshua Brain, our former Assistant Lab Manager, is the next person to come under the 'spotlight'

2017.09.19 | Administrative conditions

Pay attention to the new Payment Policy

There has been a change in the payment system from SLS web to AU Timeløn, which changes the procedure for paying participants via bank transfer.

Trine Fischer Enig

2017.08.22 | Administrative conditions

Meet the new Assistant Lab Manager: Trine Enig

We are delighted to announce Trine Fischer Enig has joined COBE Lab as Assistant Lab Manager. As part of the management team she will be responsible for the daily operations, external communication and take part in development activities.

2017.08.18 | Research news

Call for papers

Special issue in Journal of Business Research on Eye Tracking Applications in Marketing

2017.08.16 | Research news

Researcher Spotlight #13 - Riccardo Fusaroli

Riccardo Fusaroli is the next of our Associated Researchers to feature under the 'Spotlight'.

2017.08.16 | Research news

Maintenance in Lab 1: Installation of new computers

We're currently installing new Windows 10 computers in Lab 1b. We intend to have the installations finished by the end of Week 37.

Marc Andersen

2017.02.20 | Research news

Researcher Spotlight #12 - Marc Andersen

Find out more about one of associated researchers.

2017.02.15 | Research news

Construction work in March and April

Researchers should take note of refurbishment plans for the buildings in the vicinity of COBE Lab during March and April. This could potentially disrupt research.

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