EQUiiP - Educational Quality

Purpose/research question

The main purpose of the EQUiiP project is to develop an integrated programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for educational developers (EDs). In turn, the EDs will be able to incorporate this modular CDP programme into their support of university teaching staff responsible for teaching international programmes.


The internationalisation of higher education has resulted in a greater diversity of learners and teaching staff. This places new demands on academic staff and programme directors who need to master a set of competences and skills in addition to their disciplinary expertise. It also places additional demands on educational developers and teacher trainers. The EQUiiP project will meet these needs by developing an open source platform with resources for educational developers and university lecturers in the field of international education.

The project is a strategic partnership of seven European Universities. The platform will be available in early 2019.

Read the full description of the project here.

Status: current