As a member of the alumni network you will be invited to exclusive networking events. On this webpage we have gathered good advice on how to network that you can take with you to the alumni events.

Networking is at the heart of what we do at Aarhus BSS Alumni. And with a growing network of over 20,000 active members, helping them understand and appreciate the value of networking is a no brainer. But that is only one side of the equation, the other side included helping them understanding its relevance and even more important, how to get good at it.

So together with fellow alum and networking expert Charlotte Junge, we set out on a journey - A Networking Journey. This journey introduces the fundamentals of networking and explains in vivid detail the process of building connections that are mutually beneficial. It also goes the extra step and provides tools, advice and rich examples of how to network in practice. And for those who fear that networking is merely about talking to strangers and stretching your comfort zone to the point that it feels awkward, we welcome you on board and assure you that the feeling will become awkwardly rewarding in the end (or your money back).

Free e-book: The Networking Journey

The Networking Journey is a small handbook loaded with big ideas for helping you better build your network. The book has been created by AU Alumni to help take the pain out of networking – in particular by giving you practical advice on everything from putting on a networking thinking cap to organizing networking meetings. Written together with networking guru (and Aarhus University alum) Charlotte Junge, The Networking Journey will give you the confidence and tools needed to meet the people who stand between you and your goals.

Get the free e-version

Buy a printed copy of the book here. Price for alumni: 60 kr. (normal price 200 kr.)

Q&A about networking

Need to make a connection, committed a networking no-no or struggling to see the big picture? Don't fret, we've asked the co-author of The Networking Journey (and alum) to field your quibbles and questions:

  • How do I network?
  • How do I network at conferences and events?
  • How do I get people to network at my events?
  • What are good ice-breakers to get conversation started?
  • Are there cultural differences I should consider when networking?


Tips about networking