How to apply for an academic position at Aarhus BSS

You must attach:

  • Application: The application must contain your motivation for applying for the position, including your contribution to and visions for the position.
  • CV: You are encouraged to state any duration of leave including maternity/paternity leave without research activity, as your research activities are assessed in proportion to your actual time spend on research activities.
  • Diploma for your Master’s degree, PhD and if relevant higher doctoral degree must be included.
  • Documentation for your academic qualifications
    • List of publications: Enclosed publications must be clearly marked.
    • Publications: You may enclose up to 10 publications for professor, up to 5 publications for associate professor positions, and up to three publications for assistant professor, postdoc and research assistant positions. Only enclosed publications will be assessed by the assessment committee. That is, a reference to your list of publications is not sufficient.
      • Co-authorship declaration: If a publication has multiple authors, a co-authorship declaration must be enclosed. As a minimum, the co-authorship declaration must specify your share of the work and contain confirmation to that effect from any co-authors. Use this template for the purpose.
  • Teaching portfolio: You must document your teaching and pedagogical qualifications. Further information on the relevant requirements can be found in the guidelines for preparing a teaching portfolio at Aarhus BSS.

You must submit the application material electronically via the link in the job advertisement. You can submit any material that cannot be uploaded along with the application (e.g. books) in five paper copies to Aarhus BSS HR & PhD, Aarhus University, Tåsingegade 1, 2nd floor, building 1447, 8000 Aarhus C. The material must be received by the HR department before the application deadline. You must mark any physically submitted material with the applicant ID included in the email receipt for your electronic application.

If you have any questions regarding the above, you are welcome to contact Aarhus BSS HR and PhD

How will you be assessed?

When you apply for an academic position at Aarhus BSS, you will be assessed according these guidelines.