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ISPP Erik Erikson Award for Michael Bang Petersen

Michael Bang Petersen is recognised as one of the prominent young researchers within political psychology when he receives the International Society of Political Psychology’s Erik Erikson Award in June 2017.

2017.06.15 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

Professor of political science Michael Bang Petersen receives the International Society of Political Psychology’s Erik Erikson Award at the end of June 2017. Photo: Aarhus University (from The Faculty Celebration 2012)

    Michael Bang Petersen, who is a professor of political science at Aarhus BSS, has distinguished himself within the research field of political psychology. His research results about how the adaptive challenges of human evolutionary history shape the way modern citizens think about mass politics have been featured in both national as well as international media.

    He has published articles in leading research journals, such as American Political Science Review, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and Psychological Science. Now, he is acknowledged for his work, as the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP) has selected him as the winner of their Erik Erikson Award.

    The award committee expresses that they are very impressed with Michael Bang Petersen’s contribution to the field of political psychology – both in terms of his research and his engagement with the wider academic community.

    First awarded in 1982, the Erik Erikson Award is given in recognition of exceptional achievement by a member of ISPP within a decade of receiving his/her PhD.

    “This is an award that means a lot to me personally. Especially because the award signals that Aarhus BSS is a place where some of the most interesting research within political psychology is being conducted,” says Michael Bang Petersen.

    Two years ago, Rune Slothuus – also a political scientist from Aarhus BSS – received the award. Aarhus BSS thereby highlights itself as one of the central places in Europe for political psychology research.

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