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PhD graduates create value in the private sector

PhD graduates from Aarhus BSS have a great deal to offer the business community as they are able to solve complicated problems that require a great analytical and methodological overview. These are the words of Per Baltzer Overgaard, who is the vice-dean for research and talent development at Aarhus BSS.

2017.03.14 | Dennis Arnsbæk

Photo: AU Foto.

"PhD graduates can add great value to both the private and public sector, perform a wide range of jobs and solve very complex problems that require a great analytical and methodological overview. The reason is that through the PhD programme, they have acquired a number of very strong analytical and methodological skills,” says Per Baltzer Overgaard.

Perhaps this is why PhD graduates get a ahead in their career rather quickly compared to e.g. Master’s graduates, and industries such as the consultancy business, banks, mortgage banks and insurance companies often employ PhD graduates.

More fields in play

The development is particularly evident within the traditional business fields. However, according to Per Baltzer Overgaard, other fields in the private sector are also starting to offer good career opportunities for PhD graduates. Psychology is one of the research fields that has great potential, he says.

“We spend a lot of our time at work. For this reason, the psychological dynamics between employees are very important. Wrong recruitment decisions, a poor psychological workplace environment, etc. are all aspects that are becoming more and more important. In time, this could mean that more PhD graduates with very specific psychological skills will become interesting to, say, HR departments in large companies. But naturally, the demand must go both ways,” says Per Baltzer Overgaard. 

He also sees political science as a field that sends an increasing number of PhD graduates into the private sector. Among other things, this is due to the decreasing size of the public sector and increasing collaboration between private companies and public organisations. 

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