Plant-based eggs - what do consumers think?

Researchers from the MAPP Centre have received DKK 6 million from Innovation Fund Denmark to study consumer attitudes towards alternative, plant-based foods.

Photo: Colourbox

It’s one thing to develop and produce plant-based, climate-friendly, affordable and high-quality alternatives to traditional foods such as eggs. It’s another thing entirely to develop product properties and marketing and communication strategies that can convince consumers to buy them. 

With funding from Innovation Fund Denmark, the MAPP Centre at the Department of Management will now try to find solutions to this problem as part of a larger project about the development of plant-based foods. 

The research team consisting of Susanne Pedersen, Lina Jacobsen and Jessica Aschemann-Witzel have received DKK 6 million to find the right way of ensuring that plant-based egg alternatives find their way into consumer shopping baskets. 

To start with, researchers will investigate what is being said about plant-based foods on social media by e.g. well-known influencers. Next, they will collate and analyse existing research on different consumer segments and their attitudes towards plant-based foods. And finally, they will use a VR supermarket to investigate how consumers actually act, and what works, when you place products, where eggs is replaced with plant ingredients, on the supermarket shelves. 

The entire project is called PIER and Innovation Fund Denmark has contributed DKK 23 million to the total budget of DKK 37 million.