Jonas Maibom receives Sapere Aude research leader grant

Jonas Maibom, an associate professor in economics at Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University, has received a Sapere Aude: IRFD research leader grant of DKK 6.2 million to give us more insight into the possible benefits of debt relief.

Jonas Maibom
Jonas Maibom has received a Sapere Aude: IRFD research leader grant of DKK 6.2 million. Photo: Independent Research Fund Denmark

Whether you are granted debt relief can affect whether you get divorced, and it can affect your children's grades and absenteeism at school. Debt relief can also affect the likelihood of you becoming self-employed and affect how your business fares afterwards.

But what about people who are actually granted debt relief? What are the consequences for their health, family and children?

With a Sapere Aude: IRFD research leader grant of DKK 6.2 million, Associate Professor Jonas Maibom can now study the effects of debt relief more closely. Together with his team of dedicated researchers, he can advance research and contribute new knowledge to the debate on debt relief in Denmark and internationally.

"I’m both very happy and proud. This is a huge opportunity for me as a researcher, but of course, it comes with an obligation. With the Sapere Aude grant, I can now focus and prioritise the debt relief area even more in my research, and I can gather a strong team around me, so that together we can contribute more knowledge both internationally and nationally. In general, we know very little about the effects of debt relief on recipients, and our research over the next few years will focus strongly on analysing this," says Jonas Maibom.

Besides studying the potential benefits of debt relief, Jonas Maibom's research project, Quantifying Benefits of Debt Relief, will also estimate the insurance value of debt relief – i.e. how well the insurance scheme works in practice: To what extent debt relief affects people's financial stability and insures them as intended. This research challenge will require a new set of tools that have not previously been used in the area.

Debt relief is an important opportunity to help people with unmanageable financial problems, and more knowledge in the area can ensure that the rules and practices for debt relief work optimally, and that the tools are applied when the benefits are greatest.

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