How can we ensure a more equitable distribution of vaccines across the world?

According to new research from associate professor of political science Andreas Albertsen, the solution could be a vaccine tax, paid by the buyers of the vaccines and transferred to the WHO vaccine distribution fund COVAX.

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In Denmark and several other wealthy nations, we are currently vaccinating children against COVID-19, and a third dose is on its way to many people. Meanwhile in the poor countries in the world, people have barely had their first dose of the vaccine yet. How can we distribute vaccines in a fairer way across the world?

Associate professor of political science Andreas Albertsen has set out to investigate this question.  His take on a solution has just been published in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

“For every vaccine bought, a fraction of the price paid for the vaccine should be set aside to create a fairer vaccine distribution. Under the vaccine tax scheme, the selling firm is responsible for transferring the money raised in this way to COVAX,” says Andreas Albertsen, adding:

“The fairest version of the vaccine tax may be a progressive one, where the fraction allocated for COVAX is higher for high-income countries than for middle-income countries. Low-income countries could be exempt from the tax altogether.”

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