Terms and conditions for signing up for news and updates from Aarhus BSS - processing of personal data

Last updated on 17 February 2020

When you sign up for news from Aarhus BSS, you not only consent to us sending you emails, but also to processing your data in accordance with the following guidelines.

Our purpose of collecting your personal data is to:

  • send you targeted and personalised email marketing in the form of news, research results, event invitations and offers of competency and management courses at Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University.
  • develop our news products, events and competency development offers and other commercial initiatives aiming to strengthen Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University’s external relations.
  • conduct anonymised market analyses, statistics, etc. to be used by Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University.

Categories of personal data covered by your consent

When you sign up for news from Aarhus BSS, you state your name, current email address and occupation - job title and company.

We also ask you to state your areas of interest as this helps us to ensure that the information we send you is as relevant as possible.

If you are an alum from Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University, and if you choose to sign up to our alumni network, we also ask you to state your civil registration (CPR) number so that we can match your sign-up data with your data in the course administration system.

This includes:

  • Civil registration (CPR) number:
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Officially registered address
  • Student registration number
  • AUID
  • Completed/current course(s)/degree programme(s) with information regarding name, title, starting date and (if relevant) end date, department and faculty.

When you sign up to Aarhus University’s alumni network, you are required to state your civil registration number. The reason is that the information in the course administration system on your educational affiliation to Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University documents that you meet the membership conditions.

Processing activities covered by your consent

Communicating with you:

We use your personal data to:

  • select and send you emails with news, research results, event invitations and offers for competency and management development courses from Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University.

We only send you emails that are covered by your consent. When you have signed up for an event with us, you will receive an email with practical information. When the event has taken place, you will also receive a thank-you-for-attending-email with any slides and photos from the event.

  • conduct anonymised analyses and statistics, e.g. based on occupation and areas of interest, and to collect feedback on our activities and initiatives.

Registering interaction history:

We collect and register the following information about your ongoing relations with us:

  • the email communication you have received from us
  • your interaction with our emails - openings and clicks (e.g. “read more”, links and such), including the time of your interaction
  • your sign-up to and participation in our events, continuing education offers, projects, programmes, etc.
  • notes of our personal interaction with you, e.g. individual email correspondence and telephone conversations initiated by you, agreements made etc.

Processing data collected via tracking cookies:

In addition, we process data collected via tracking of your interaction with Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University’s websites. We are able to combine data from your IP address collected via cookies with your email address. This allows us to take your online behaviour into consideration when we assess what information is relevant to you. Naturally, this requires that you have not blocked or deleted cookies when you visited the websites in question. Read AU’s cookie policy here: https://international.au.dk/about/profile/cookies-policy/

Assessment of relevance

The information we send you is selected on the basis of information on your occupation, your areas of interest and the collected data on your interactions with Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University as well as with our websites.

Access to your personal data

Your personal data may be shared within the university. However, only in situations where it is necessary to serve one of the purposes described above. Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University will under no circumstances exchange your personal data with any third parties without your consent.

Withdrawal of consent

You can at any time change your areas of interest specified on your membership profile - and thereby the nature and extent of the information you receive from us – by using the link at the bottom of the emails you receive from us.

You can at any time withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data as described on this page by unsubscribing from news from Aarhus BSS. You do so by clicking the link in the bottom of the emails you receive from us or by writing to info.bss@au.dk.

Your withdrawal of consent only has effect for the future and does not affect the lawfulness of our processing based on your consent up until the time of withdrawal.  If you withdraw your consent, we will as expediently as possible stop sending you emails and processing your data as described above. 

Your withdrawal of consent to receive news from Aarhus BSS does not include a withdrawal of your implicit acceptance of cookies when you visit the websites of Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University. Find out how to delete or block cookies here: https://international.au.dk/about/profile/cookies-policy/

Retaining and deleting personal data

At the moment, we are unable to say for how long we will retain your personal data. This depends on an individual assessment. However, we can inform you of the overall criteria that we take into account when determining how long to retain your data.

We will retain your data as long as the consent to process the data is still active. The main purposes are to ensure that we have an overview of your interaction history so that we can deliver relevant and targeted information to you and to document previous communication, participation in events, competency development courses etc.

After you have withdrawn your consent, we will continue to process the personal data that we are legally obliged to store and update, i.e. data on alumni, students or former exchange students, which is stored in the university’s course administration system.

In addition, the assessment is primarily based on:

  • whether you have only received emails from us or whether you have/have had other kinds of interactions with Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University. In case of the former, we will - as a rule - delete all information apart from the above mentioned.
  • the nature of the interaction; i.e. the scope, the type and the continuity of your interactions with us. The more relations or the more interactions with us, the more interest you have shown towards our news services and other offers, the more you have participated in our activities, the more likely we find it that you will become active again in future. This speaks in favour of retaining your data for longer.
  • your basic affiliation with Aarhus University. If you are an alum, former employee or former exchange student, we base our assessment on the assumption that you will be more interested in maintaining a continuous relation than if you had no such affiliation.
  • whether you are a former member of the network or have never been a member. In case of the former, we consider your affiliation to be stronger and this speaks in favour of retaining your data for longer.

Protection of personal data

Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University takes the security and protection of personal data very seriously. 

Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University takes precautions to protect your personal data against theft, misuse, unauthorised access etc. through the use of appropriate administrative, physical and technical security measures.

Personal data is always transferred via a secure and encrypted connection. 

Data Controller

The Data Controller is Aarhus University, CVR no. 31119103.

Read more about data security and Aarhus University’s duty of disclosure, your rights, etc., in Aarhus University’s privacy policy: www.au.dk/om/profil/privatlivspolitik

If you are registered and have any questions regarding our processing of your personal data, please contact Aarhus University’s Data Protection Officer, Søren Broberg Nielsen, dpo@au.dk


You can always send an email to info.bss@au.dk if you have any questions regarding the content of these guidelines or how we process your personal data. 

Future changes to these guidelines

We reserve the right to make changes to these guidelines from time to time. Any changes will be reflected in the change of the date at the top of this page. In case of major changes, you will be notified directly in an email from us.