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Why I chose the GMM programme at BTECH

My name is Vera Petersen and I have been studying the Global Management and Manufacturing (GMM) programme in Herning. A great experince, which I am excited to share with you.

Written by Vera Petersen

* Please note that as of 2022, the Global Management and Manufacturing programme will be offered in Danish only. *

Photo by BTECH, Aarhus BSS

Studying Global Management and Manufacturing

My name is Vera Petersen and I am from a small city close to the Danish border in Germany. I have studied the Bachelor programme “Global Management and Manufacturing” at Aarhus University in Herning. It has been a great experience to study at BTECH in Herning and in this blogpost I will share some of my thoughts and experiences with you. 

This blogpost will give you insights to the following: 

  • Why the Global Management and Manufacturing programme was the right choice for me
  • The BTECH Campus and Herning city 
  • The first experience and the struggles


Why I chose to study the GMM programme in Denmark

I grew up experiencing the Danish culture through my father, who worked in Denmark, and got fascinated by it. When looking into programmes for after high school, I was looking for a programme that could combine my interest in management and languages with some more “hardcore” mathematical and physical aspects.

I found that the perfect study programme for me was found in Denmark: the Global Management and Manufacturing (GMM) programme is a combination of management courses as well as courses related to manufacturing and improvement of processes. By studying in a different country I could also incorporate my interest in languages in my future life. And the GMM programme turned out to be truly international. I ended up studying abroad at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia and did my internship in a British furniture company in Qingdao, China.   

Photo by Vera from the first semester project (CRP1) in the GMM Production lab

A practical and theoretical programme

The GMM programme gave me the title “Professionsbachelor”, which means, that a big part of the education was built up on practical, real life experience. The programme has a high focus on practical experience, which was very important for me. Every semester we did a project in cooperation with a company (Company Related Project) and gained working experience by applying the theories we learned throughout the semester in real-world problems. In the GMM programme we always have the possibility to ask questions and the professors and lecturers are accessible most of the time and willing to answer questions or help students get in contact with companies in the surrounding area.

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Photo by BTECH: The round auditorium where the GMM students have lectures.


How is it to study at BTECH in Herning?

The GMM programme is offered in Herning, which is a smaller city located west of Aarhus. “Smaller city” does not mean, that it is boring as some would anticipate. In Herning there is always something going on! 2018 the Ice Hockey World Championship and 2019, the Handball World Championship were held here and the city was full of people and activities! Also in the future, there will be championships and concerts in Herning as Boxen, which is a multi-purpose indoor arena, is located here.

On campus there are different associations organising events for the students, such as the programmes own  GMM association or the student activity association of Herning’s Campus and the Friday Bar, who for example organise the semester party in the Student House at the campus. In Herning there is an international society consisting of both international students, but also other international (minded) people, who organise cool events such as Cook Talk’s or others. Studying at a smaller campus comes with advantages such as interactive, challenging and fun classes and I have enjoyed every day of studying at BTECH in Herning.

Get to know more about the BTECH campus here

Photo by Vera from the World Championship in Ice hockey in Boxen, Herning

Photo by Vera. Friday bars on the BTECH campus are always fun!

Photo by Vera from the celebration when Denmark won the Handball World Championship in 2019 in Herning

The BTECH experience is worth the struggles

  "It was hard in the beginning (...) but I am having the time of my life"  

In the beginning it was of course a little overwhelming to live in a new country – having to get all necessary documents in order, getting to know the language and culture (better), finding friends and reading for school. However, I can say, that the hard work in the beginning is worth it.

I am having “the time of my life” in Denmark and am so happy, that I made the decision to move to a different country. I think it is important to leave one’s comfort zone and believe in one’s dreams and thereby challenge yourself to do what you want to do.

The canteen area, where students and professors get together at the BTECH Campus

If you have any questions regarding the GMM programme or about my experience of studying at BTECH in Herning or even only studying in a different country, please don't be shy,  reach out and I'll do my best to answer your questions :-)