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A Full-degree Bachelor's and Master's at Aarhus BSS

Written by Dániel Szilágyi

The quality and pragmatic approach to higher education was among the top reasons for choosing to study a full-degree Bachelor's programme in Economics and Business Administration for Daniel. The international and dynamic community at Aarhus BSS and the high standards in class and lectures convinced him that Aarhus BSS was also the right place to complete a Master's degree in Management Accounting and Control.

In this blogpost, Daniel will share his key reasons for applying to a full-degree Bachelor's and Master's degree at Aarhus BSS. Moreover, you will get a brief introduction to the programmes that Daniel studied and a short elaboration on his current career in Denmark. 

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Why I choose to study full-degree programmes at Aarhus BSS

Hey there, my name is Dániel Szilágyi from Hungary.

I have lived in Aarhus since August 2015, and I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration in the summer of 2018. In 2020, I graduated from the Master’s programme in Management Accounting and Control and the next step is starting my career in Denmark, more specificly, in Copenhagen where I live now. 

My main reason for choosing Denmark as a study destination was the quality and the pragmatic approach of the higher education. However, there are lots of other things that make your time here invaluable. Little did I know before coming here, for example, how amazing it is to be part of a vibrant international community: making new connections almost every day, getting to know other cultures, or discovering similarities in other nations’ languages, which for me has always been and probably will always be a very funny and joyful activity.

"Little did I know before coming here, for example, how amazing it is to be part of a vibrant international community: making new connections almost every day, getting to know other cultures"

Another example is that you also profit tremendously from just living on your own away from your home country. You just have to develop a sense of responsibility and independency and you are actually kind of forced to learn how to cook and do your own laundry, provided that you don’t find a way to get around them. All of which is very beneficial for your personal development, at least in my experience.

Beautiful evening at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University. Photo by Dániel Szilágyi.


About the Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration

The BSc in Economics and Business Administration provides a solid foundation for your future career as well as your future studies with its wide range of courses. The knowledge you obtain is very useful for understanding and dealing with most economic and business-related topics: The scope ranges from mathematics and statistics to finance, organizational behavior, macroeconomics, and pretty much everything in between. By obtaining this overview throughout the BSc program, you will also be in a good position to figure out what field you’d like to specialize in with your MSc program.

About the Master's in Management Accounting in Control

What I particularly liked about the MSc in Management Accounting in Control was that, despite what the name suggests, it wasn’t solely focused on management accounting-related matters. The courses really help you connect the dots between strategic, financial and managerial areas, enabling you to have a holistic understanding of a business case or an actual company. For both the BSc and MSc programs you also have the opportunity to take so-called summer university courses, which I can highly recommend, especially during your MSc, to make yourself even more specialized in your desired field.

From student to a career in Denmark

I landed my first real student job at the end of my BSc degree at a company called Centrica Energy Trading (previously known as Neas Energy). I worked as a student assistant in their Trade Support department for the intraday trading floor for a little more than 2 years. This gave me a unique opportunity to learn about the European power market in detail and to improve technical as well as soft skills, most importantly my ability to solve problems quickly and effectively.

After concluding my Master’s degree, I moved to Copenhagen, where I’ve been working in the Treasury department of a shipping company called Ultranav. Shipping is yet another interesting industry, which I’m thrilled to learn more about too. 

Read about the free career services at Aarhus BSS here

How I experienced Aarhus City

Aarhus itself is a nice city for students. It is small enough to easily find your way around, but at the same time it has plenty of things to offer that you can keep yourself busy in your spare time.

My favorite things to do when I lived in Aarhus was: 

  • Hanging out on Bellevue strand in the summer with friends
  • Showing friends around the city when someone visited me
  • Going for a run in the forest next to my dorm

All in all, I think Aarhus and Aarhus BSS is a great place to study and it has prepared me for entering a (hopefully) bright career in business and in Denmark and for that I am very grateful. 

One of Daniel's favourite places in Denmark, Bellevue Beach in Aarhus.

The art museum ARoS and the panoramic rainbow on top of Aarhus City

The cafés along the canal in the heart of Aarhus

If you have any questions regarding my BSc or MSc programme, or just about anything related to living here, feel free to contact me.

Email: daniel.szilagyi19@gmail.com 

Thanks for reading my post!