Sven Kunisch


Professor, Ph.D.

Primary affiliation

Sven Kunisch

Areas of expertise

  • Strategy
  • Strategic change
  • Strategic leadership
  • Digital transformation
  • Sustainability

Contact information

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I serve as the chair of the PhD programme at the department of Business Development and Technology with approx. 30 enrolled PhD students. 

In addition, I serve on the editorial boards of various international outlets including the Academy of Management Review, International Journal of Management Reviews, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Organization Design, and Journal of World Business. 

Teaching activities

I teach at all levels including Bachelor´s, Master´s and doctoral programmes.  For example, I teach a PhD seminar entitled "Introduction to Systematic Literature Reviews as a Scinetific Inquiry."

I also supervise Bachelor´s, Master´s and PhD projects. Please feel free to contact me to discuss potential topics and ideas. 


Selected publications

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Selected activities

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