Media Lab

Video production and equipment

The Centre for Teaching and Learning has a studio in which teachers can record and edit professional videos for teaching purposes. The studio allows for different setups:

  • Presentations using PowerPoint slides
  • Presentations with transparent lightboards
  • Interviews

Teachers can also borrow camera equipment that can be used in a teaching situation:

  • Camera
  • Headsets
  • Audio recorder
  • iPads

The Media Lab can also help produce e-learning materials. In other words, the Media Lab has a variety of interactive materials that involve a certain degree of progression and that students have to work with in a specific sequence. For example, interactive video materials may be combined with text materials and tests. The Media Lab also offers technical support on digital tools and technologies that can be used in teaching. The Media Lab offers support for all the tools in TREAT.

Aarhus University does not have licences for all tools, and we would like to emphasise that sensitive personal data should never be shared on third-party platforms, and that teachers should draw attention to the possibility that the data students are requested to post on such third-party platforms may be personal data.

Examples of productions