Rules for membership

Last updated on 22.10.2019

Who can join?

The Alumni Network is a professional and social network for all alumni (graduates) from Aarhus University - including from previously independent educational institutions that have been merged with Aarhus University (AU).   

The following can also become members:   

  • Former exchange students who have spent one or more semesters at AU  

  • Current students, including exchange students, from the day they begin their studies  

  • Former and current employees  



The network has been established to support the development of strong and life-long relations between the university and its alumni as well as engaged and rewarding interactions between alumni and between alumni, students and employees.  

We wish to help our alumni stay in touch with each other, and inform them about research, offers, projects and resources at Aarhus University. In addition, we wish to help our alumni become involved in events, anniversaries and different kinds of alumni relations initiatives – e.g. as mentors, speakers or as part of other “giving back” initiatives.  


What does a membership entail? 

Membership is free of charge. 

You are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide upon sign-up or later is accurate and for keeping it up to date. Naturally, this applies especially to your email address, your occupation and your current areas of interest. In this way, we can ensure that the information, offers and requests we send you are as targeted and relevant  as possible – and that they reach you.  

Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University makes a number of services and offers available to members of the alumni network. Our current membership benefits are described here.


Consent to personal data processing and the use of personal data for marketing purposes 

When you sign up for the Alumni Network, you also consent to Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University processing your personal data – in accordance with our Rules and procedures for processing personal data – so that we can make our communication and interactions with you targeted and relevant. 

We particularly use your personal data to send you emails with 

  • personalised marketing of news, research results, events invitations as well as offers for competency and management development 

  • information about member benefits and services, f.ex. special offers or discounts 

  • requests regarding your possible interest in offering voluntary support, and using your competences, experience or network to benefit students or alumni and contribute to developing Aarhus University and its external relations 

  • surveys or requests for feedback about our activities and initiatives.  

Your consent therefore includes consent to receiving such emails. 

However, members who are students and not alumni will primarily receive emails that include career offers, e.g. event invitations or job offers, from the university’s career centres and their partners - companies and unions in particular. The content changes automatically when alum status is obtained upon graduation. 

This consent is an integral part of the membership and can therefore only be revoked if you withdraw from the network. 


Assessment of relevance  

The information we send you is selected on the basis of information on your degree programme, seniority (if relevant), geographical location and nationality, occupation (job title and organisation, if relevant), your areas of interest and the collected data on your network engagement and your interactions with Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University’s websites.  

You can change your areas of interest specified on your membership profile at any time - and thereby the nature and extent of the content covered by your consent. You do so by using the link at the bottom of any of the emails you receive from us or by requesting a direct link here

You can read about how the Rules and Procedures for processing personal data here.


Duration of membership 

Your membership continues until you choose to leave the network. If you no longer wish to be a member, you can withdraw via the link in the bottom of the emails you receive from us or by writing to us at We would of course be interested in knowing the reason for your withdrawal, but this is in no way a requirement.  

Should you change your mind and wish to sign up again, we recommend that you write to us at before you re-register as a member.