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2020.01.03 | News from the management

Cancelled exams scheduled for Saturday 4 January

Following a minor fire on Thursday at Fuglesangs Allé, 849 students on the BSc in Economics and Business Administration - General now get the opportunity to complete their written exams on 4 January.

2020.01.02 | News from the management

Students’ exams interrupted by minor fire

On Thursday 2 January, several exams at Aarhus BSS were interrupted by a fire in a transformer.

Lecturer of the year is Margit Malmmose. Photo: Sinne Jakobsen
This year's Research Award went to Fabio Wolkenstein. Photo: Sinne Jakobsen
Administrative employee of the year Gitte Arildsen. Photo: Tine Bagger
Administrative employee of the year Thue Sebastian Winkler. Photo: Ingrid Fossum

2019.12.20 | Aarhus BSS

This year’s award recipients at Aarhus BSS

During December, four employees at Aarhus BSS have received an award for their efforts at the school for the past year. Here, you can meet the receiver of this year’s Research Award, the lecturer of the year, and the two administrative employees of the year.

Nabanita Datta Gupta is a labour market economist and in her research, she focuses on gender differences on the labour market, family economics, pension systems and withdrawal from the labour market as well as the relationship between health and work. Photo: Aarhus BSS Communication and External Relations

2019.12.18 | People

Nabanita Datta Gupta new member of the Danish Economic Councils

Professor of Economics Nabanita Datta Gupta from Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University appointed economic advisor in the Danish Economic Councils.

According to Rune Slothuus, parties can help citizens answer questions such as: What do the political proposals actually entail? Which groups in society will they benefit and harm? In what direction will the specific proposal push society - further to the left or further to the right? Photo: Aarhus BSS Communication & External Relations

2019.12.09 | Grants

New ERC project explores the impact of parties on citizens’ political opinions

Professor Rune Slothuus from Aarhus BSS receives an ERC grant to explore whether political parties can help citizens form political opinions on a more informed basis.

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