New degree programme with focus on digital leadership

It’s one thing to understand digital solutions at technical level. I’s quite another to understand how to run a business. And the combination, digital business understanding, is very rare, even though it is increasingly sought after by more and more companies. Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University is now offering a new Master’s programme to meet the needs of companies and to fill a gap in the range of business administration degree programmes.

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The new English-language Master’s programme is called Digital Business Management and it is a new offshoot of the Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration programmes at Aarhus BSS. It will replace the Information Management line of the Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, which will be closed.

"This is both an updated programme and an entirely new programme, with focus on supporting, facilitating and managing change processes and digital transformation in companies. It's about looking at data as a whole, and determining what data is useful for a company," says Christian Waldstrøm, deputy head of department on the programme at the Department of Management at Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University.

Companies have been hankering for this programme for a long time, as was highlighted in a report from the Confederation of Danish Industry in 2020, which found that companies are increasingly looking for social science graduates with a digital profile and digital skills.

"We’ve received direct input from a number of companies, and these have been involved in the development of the new Master’s programme in Digital Business Management," says Christian Waldstrøm.

The new degree programme has also been well received by the companies.

"The Digital Business Management programme is relevant because, with its combination of data, technology and business disciplines, it meets the demand for digital profiles with a commercial mindset and business understanding," says Line Bruun, a consultant at the consultancy company Capgemini.

"At Capgemini's strategy unit, Capgemini Invent, we're looking for consultants with the competences to understand the challenges faced by our customers in the digital economy, and with competences to define how digital technologies and data-driven methods can act as catalysts to solve these challenges," says Line Bruun.

The retail company Salling Group is also looking forward to meeting the new Digital Business Management graduates.

"It's an exciting degree programme that encompasses exactly the competences we need; the combination of digital understanding and business understanding. There will be many jobs and career opportunities In Salling Group for graduates with a Digital Business Management title," says Thor Skov Jørgensen, executive vice president at Digital & eCommerce in Salling Group.

Students will start on the new programme on 1 September 2023.

Facts about Digital Business Management:

  • The courses are: Value Creation in the Digital Economy (1st semester), Digital Fundamentals for Emerging Technologies (1st semester), Research Methods (1st semester), Organising for Digital (2nd semester), Enterprise Architecture Management (2nd semester) and Data Science for Business (2nd semester).
  • The deadline for applications for the new study programme is 1 March 2023.
  • Students already admitted are guaranteed the opportunity to finish with the title they were promised in the academic regulations they are already enrolled under.

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