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Aarhus BSS Graduate School invites applications twice a year for admission to the PhD degree programme.
These calls include a number of PhD positions in the areas of business and social sciences and openings in areas of special priority.

The general call is open for application January 8 2019 to February 18 2019.  

From 2019 the biannual open application rounds will occur expectedly in the period January-primo/medio February and primo/medio September.  

If you submit more than one application for the same call, Aarhus BSS Graduate School reserves the right to assess the last application received. The other application(s) will be considered as drafts and deleted.


PhD events and info meetings

Fri 25 Jan
14:15-16:00 | Aarhus, Denmark
Why Politicians Seem so Rude and How it Affects Citizens
Rasmus Skytte will defend his PhD dissertation

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